L-F401 Inatalltaion Guide


I can't unlock remotely, what should I do?

1. Please go to Settings - Remote Unlocking - Open - see that there is a remote unlocking button on the main interface.
2. Configure the G2 gateway in a place with WIFI signal and within 5 meters from the smart lock (preferably without blocking).
3. Remote unlocking on the main interface of the lock.

How do I connect with Alexa?

Please see the following attached video.

How do I reset the door lock?

1. Restore factory settings on the app;
2. Remove then reinstall the batteries, press and hold the "Mode Switching Button" until you hear the voice "Enter the initialization password", then enter "000+🔒 " on the keypad.

My deadbolt is stuck, there is a sound but it doesn't unlock, what should I do?

1. Open the left and right door setting page in the installation page of the manual.
2. Turn the DEADBOLT board to the open state.
3. For right-hinged doors,the lock/unlock knob should be kept in ahorizontal position.
For left-hinged doors,the lock/unlock knob should be kept in a vertical position.
4. Connect the line normally, fill in the screws, and connect the bluetooth.
5. Set left and right door opening direction on the APP.

My lock can't connect to the app, what should I do?

1. Reset the lock and add it again.
2. If you still can't connect, please contact customer service to solve it.

How do I change the administrator account email?

Please reset the lock on the app and re-register account to add.

I accidentally deleted the lock from the app, what should I do?

1. The APP side deletes the lock, but the lock is not emptied. It may be that the deletion of the lock fails. Please RESET the lock.
2. Add again on the APP.

My bluetooth won't connect, what should I do?

1. Upgrade to the latest version of the firmware, authorize Bluetooth in the phone settings to allow access to the Geek Smart App.
2. Try to connect again.
3. If the connection is still not smooth, please contact our customer service staff again and inform our customer service staff of the mobile phone model and mobile phone system number.
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