L-B203 Inatalltaion Guide

L-B203 Operating Guide


Add Fingerprint

Press the button once, you will be asked to scan your fingerprint six times. When programming, please place your finger at different angles every time.

Keep The Door Unlocked/Passage Mode

You could end up the program process by pressing the button again. Scan the administrator fingerprint, then press the button once to enable the passage mode, and the door will keep unlocked. You could scan the administrator fingerprint to disable this mode, and the door will be locked,

Enable The Secure Mode

Press the button on the interior handle twice. In this mode, the lock can only be unlocked with the administrator's fingerprint or the key.

Delete One Of the Non-Administrator Fingerprints

Press the button on the interior handle three times, scan the administrator fingerprint then scan the fingerprint you want to delete.

Turn Off The Voice

Press the button on the interior handle four times, and it will mute. You could press the button four times again to turn on the voice.

Check The Battery Level

Press the button on the interior handle five times to check the battery level. When the battery is low, there will be a voice prompt to remain, please replace the battery in time.

Reset The Lock/Change The Administrator Fingerprint

Long press the button for seconds until you hear the voice, then long press the button again until you hear the voice prompt. The lock will be reset, and any fingerprint added will be deleted.
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