Can we install yale lock apple homekit without changing the door?

Can we install yale lock apple homekit without changing the door?

yale lock apple homekit
Whether you have rentals to manage or occasionally lend your apartment through a site, the connected yale lock apple homekit can be a very beneficial solution.

How does yale lock apple homekit work? Follow the guide!

When we think of the home automation, we imagine motorized shutters, connected light bulbs and a controlled temperature. But even the lock, that mechanism already a few centuries old, has entered the era of connections and home automation, so why deprive you of its advantages? Here are some arguments to take the plunge if you own a property that you lend or rent.

Installing the smart lock is easy:

Do I need to change my door if i buy yale lock apple homekit? Not at all! There are many compatible ports, and yours is likely to be too. Similarly, compatible doors include those with one-point locks, but also multi-point or security locks (required by insurance companies).

 And even doors without handles on the outside. Moreover, remember: if your door comes with a European cylinder, it is 99% compatible!

Is your port compatible? We proceed to the installation of the connected lock in 3 stages:

  1. Create your account
  2. Install the smart lock: remove the original cylinder and insert the new security cylinder supplied with the connected lock. Similarly, install the connected lock and start the self-learning process.
  3. Configure the lock: registration and synchronization takes place directly on the dedicated application.

Congratulations, you can now enjoy your lock!

Simplified management of entrances with yale lock apple homekit

Once the yale lock apple homekit connects, it can be assigned multiple users, both permanent and temporary. A permanent user can get access access at any time, while the temporary user will have access to your property for a certain period of time or for periodic time slots.

Access will therefore take place through one of these four means:

  • Electronic key on smartphone (via our dedicated application)
  • Similarly, Badges
  • Through a personal access code
  • Or simply the metal key for the most refractory.

The badge and access code require the installation of an additional badge reader.

So whether you have a beach house that you rent during your vacation, or you have a studio in the city that you occasionally offer on Airbnb, these different options allow you to maintain control of access to your property as you wish and securely. And it is 100% easy.

The access keys are come from the mobile application or the badges are left at home: there is no need to move, everything is done online thanks to the gateway that ensures the connection of the lock to your internet box.

A few tools before starting yale lock apple homekit:

  1. Is my lock compatible? Test it with our verification tool
  2. Which connected lock should I choose? 

Read our guide dedicated to yale lock apple homekit.

After all this, it is now impossible not to associate the lock connected to the connected house!

Home automation is becoming more and more intelligent. Similarly, it guarantees safety and comfort for homeowners. The new smart devices ensure real-time home management, even remotely, by automating a large number of basic actions.

Smart lock technology is improving life

Thanks to the development of technologies aimed at improving the quality of life, comfort and efficiency in homes, today it is possible to coordinate:

  • Alarms
  • video surveillance
  • shutters and lights
  • making the home more protected and safe.

Yale lock apple homekit home automation is now able to detect dangers of burglary, activate alarms and communicate in real time with the supervision and with the home owner. The home automation, in addition, can promptly detect gas leaks, flood, and fire sending the messages directly on the smartphone of the owner.

Modern Home Automation Apps for smartlocks


Automation of basic operations is the trend of the moment thanks to the spread of voice personal assistants such as Alexa, Google Assistant or Apple Home.


The voice-activated personal assistant created by Amazon. Alexa   is able to interact with voice and can play music, provide weather and traffic information, as well as set alarms and control home automation components.

Google Home

The voice assistant developed by Google. The functions of Google Home are very similar to those of Alexa . They allow users to listen to music, receive news and weather updates, as well as manage home automation, alarm systems and video surveillance.

Apple HomeKit

HomeKit is a home yale lock apple homeki protocol created by Apple to allow the use of smart devices.

Based on Apple HomeKit, other manufacturers can build devices that can communicate with iPhone. Today on the market there are many accessories compatible with HomeKit that allow you to control, even remotely, alarms, shutters, curtains, lights, thermostats, air conditioners and much more.

When a home becomes smart, home protection also becomes smart. The spread of smart locks is always growing, thanks to the use of electronic locks. These devices represent a comfortable and safe solution not only for business and hospitality spaces, but also for the security doors of private homes.
yale lock apple homekit

Why do you need yale lock apple homekit?

The electronic lock is a keyless lock that is a device that allows you to automate any European cylinder lock. Finally, we can completely eliminate the heavy bunches of keys: electronic locks can be opened with the smartphone, the key card, the bracelet, the personal numeric code, with fingerprints or even with facial recognition.


Not only. The yale lock apple homekit allows you to connect the security door with the home automation of the apartment, making its use much more comfortable and functional. Connected to the smartphone, the electronic lock system allows us remotely in real time about who has used the door, to control the entrances to the house or even to establish access times.

Domestic staff, workers: with the electronic lock the homeowner can grant them access and then, if necessary, return to have exclusive access to the home simply by changing the code provided.

Smartlock Brings Seamless Automation

Another important function of the electronic lock is the automatic closing of the bolts each time the door is closed. This is important because, according to statistics, many thefts occur when owners forget to lock their highly secure armored doors. With the electronic lock this risk no longer exists.