A large review of Xiaomi smart locks with a comparison of their features

A large review of Xiaomi smart locks with a comparison of their features

A large review of Xiaomi smart locks with a comparison of their features

In the assortment of Xiaomi there is a huge variety of different "smart" locks : with and without biometric input support, with battery power and battery operation, with universal installation and the ability to install over an old lock.

It is not difficult to get confused in all this diversity, especially since there is not so much intelligible information about locks and their capabilities in the open spaces of the Runet. In this regard, we decided to make a large review of Xiaomi smart locks with a comparison of their features, so that it would be easier for you to decide on the choice of the required device.schlage encode manual

Xiaomi Sherlock M1 Smart Lock - with installation over the old lock


The Sherlcok M1 model has a number of features, the main of which is the ability to install over an old lock. It is important to remember that there are two versions of the lock: for right-hand and left-hand opening. Be careful when buying.

Another distinctive feature of the lock is support for opening with a smartphone. For this, the Bluetooth protocol is used with a maximum distance of up to 10 meters. Now, even if you have lost your keys, you can always open the door, having at hand a mobile phone that was previously synchronized with the lock.

Sherlock M1 Smart Lock allows the owner to create virtual keys to send to their loved ones. In the settings you can configure the validity period of such a key and the recipient's phone number.

A built-in 3800 mAh battery is used to power the device, and the proprietary Mi Home program is suitable for making all the settings.

Xiaomi Ola Smart Wooden Door Lock Mars - with fingerprint scanner


The Xiaomi Ola Smart Wooden Door Lock Mars is a model equipped with a fingerprint sensor and powered by 8 AA batteries. 

The device allows you to provide unlocking by fingerprint, using a key, a digital password (numbers are entered directly on the handle), via Bluetooth and using the Mijia application. If suddenly the stocks of batteries come to an end, the design of the device assumes the presence of a USB Type-C port for connecting an external battery.

As with the previous model, there are versions of the lock with right and left opening, so no matter what your requirements, you can find the right one.

Xiaomi Mijia Smart Door Lock Lite - with an abundance of opening options

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If you are looking for a universal lock with the maximum number of possibilities, then pay attention to the Xiaomi Mijia Smart Door Lock Lite model . 

This lock opens from left to right (door hinges on the right), and your door should be between 40 and 120 mm thick.

The following methods are used to open:

  • Using a fingerprint scanner;
  • With the input of a digital code;
  • Using a regular key;
  • Using a smartphone (via Bluetooth);
  • With the input of a temporary key generated in the application.

The lock is powered by 4 AAA batteries. If necessary, it is possible to connect an emergency power supply via microUSB.

Among other features, the operating temperature range stands out: from -25 ° to + 55 ° C.

Xiaomi Mijia Smart Door Lock - Stylish Design


The golden version of the Xiaomi Mijia Smart Door Lock looks especially elegant and stylish. But this model attracts not only by its appearance. The universal opening method (in both directions), a fingerprint scanner, synchronization with a smartphone via Bluetooth 5.0 and NFC - all this speaks in favor of the fact that you are unlikely to regret buying a Mijia Smart Door Lock.

To power the zinc alloy lock, you will need 8 AA batteries, and as an emergency power source, you can use a power bank with a microUSB connection.

The permissible door thickness must be between 40 and 120 mm. Other features include the ability to store up to 50 passwords and up to 50 fingerprints, so you and your family members can easily get access to unlock the lock.

Xiaomi Chuangmi Small Smart Door Lock (C1) - with built-in doorbell


The Chuangmi Small Smart Door Lock (C1) model can be attributed to the number of unusual "smart" locks from the range of "Xiaomi" . What is unusual about it? First, there is a built-in doorbell with a 28mm speaker that can alert you when guests are arriving. It is possible to adjust the ringer volume in the proprietary application. Secondly, the developers have tried especially carefully to protect the castle from intruders. So, it was equipped with a semiconductor fingerprint sensor board with algorithms capable of resisting unauthorized opening using film and other ingenious hacking methods. It will not work to open the lock using electromagnets and Tesla coils. You don't have to worry about the safety of your home with such a device.

There are 5 ways to open the lock:

  • By imprint;
  • Using a synchronized smartphone (via Bluetooth);
  • By entering a floating digital code up to 20 characters long;
  • Using a temporary key generated in the application;
  • The usual key.

Xiaomi Mijia Smart Door Lock Push-Pull - with NFC opening

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The handle of Xiaomi Mijia Smart Door Lock Push-Pull does not rotate around the axis, as in classic devices, but tilts back and forth by 15 °, while using a fingerprint scanner is as convenient as possible, and the door opens naturally and without wasting energy.

This is not the only feature of the lock, as it also boasts a larva built right into the case. This allows you to ensure safety even with the front panel removed or broken. Another advantage of this solution is the ability to send a notification to your mobile phone in case you left the key in the keyhole.

The Xiaomi Mijia Smart Door Lock Push-Pull is powered by 8 AA batteries. In addition to opening via Bluetooth and fingerprint, you can also use NFC with full encryption of all communication.

Xiaomi Aqara Fingerprint Smart Door Lock S2 - with integration into the Smart Home system


If you plan to develop a smart home system from Xiaomi in your apartment, then the Aqara Smart Lock S2 can become its active element. To integrate the device into the Xiaomi ecosystem, you will need a Xiaomi MiJia / Aqara gateway using the ZigBee protocol. After adding a lock to the Mi Home app, you can customize entire scenarios for how different devices work together.

There are 3 main ways to open the lock:

  • PIN-code introduction;
  • Fingerprint;
  • Using a key.

The lock with a mechanism in the form of a cylinder is made of zinc alloy, reliably protected from drilling, knocking out and other methods of mechanical stress. For emergency opening of the device, you can resort to using the lock cylinder.

This model of the lock can be used for both left and right positioning in the door, which makes it a universal solution.

Xiaomi Mijia Shenzhen Advantage U-point M2 Push Pull - Remote Controlled


In the U-point M2 Push Pull lock, the handle was purposely non-rotating so that the door could be opened without much effort. For this reason, the main method of opening is by scanning a fingerprint.

The lock can be operated directly from a smartphone synchronized with the device via Bluetooth. At the same time, remote control is also supported, for which you need a Bluetooth gateway. In this case, notifications about alarm triggered, improper closing and low battery level will be sent to you on your mobile phone, regardless of where you are.

One of the main ways to open the lock is to enter the floating code. Thus, even if someone spies on how you enter the password, he will not be able to guess which combination opens the lock.

To power the device, 8 AA batteries are required, the reserves of which are sufficient for 12 months of operation on average.

Xiaomi Dessmann Q3 Fully Automatic Smart Lock Q - With Ingress Protection


There are four ways to open the Xiaomi Dessmann Q3 Fully Automatic Smart Lock Q :

  • Fingerprint;
  • Using a digital PIN-code;
  • Using a synchronized smartphone;
  • With a mechanical key.

One of the key features of the device is built-in anti-tampering protection. Upon detection of unauthorized opening attempts, the lock activates the alarm, simultaneously sending a notification to the owner's smartphone. 

Autonomy of work is in the area of ​​responsibility of its own 5000 mAh battery. On average, one charge is enough for 5 months of operation. A microUSB connector is used to replenish the battery.