Which is the most suitable noke smart entry lock in 2021?

Which is the most suitable noke smart entry lock in 2021?

Types of security locks

 noke smart entry

To choose the appropriate noke smart entry, the most important thing is to identify the specific need of the device or place where it is going to be implemented. You don't need the same type of lock for a door as for a safe.

It is also important to take into account the material from which it is made. Virtually all locks are currently made with different types of steels (stainless, galvanized, reinforced or solid), although there are also iron or nickel.

There are different kinds of locks on the market today, each with specific characteristics. These are the main ones:

Cylindrical lock noke smart entry

They are the most common and are named after the cylindrical structure of the central piece with a pear bowler. Of this type there is high security with anti-bumping, anti-extraction, anti-drill and anti-pick bowlers, depending on the needs.

Recessed or mortise locks

Noke smart entry have a device on the handle to open from the inside that rotates the latch. Traditionally, they have been installed on bathroom doors and the interior of homes to isolate some areas from each other and be able to open from the inside.

Rim locks

They are usually installed on doors of thin thickness. Therefore, they are used on terraces and access to gardens. Its mechanism of action is exposed on one side.

Tubular locks

In this type of locks, the latch and the lock are united in the same mechanism. They are usually installed in places or areas of the home with the same benefits as the built-in ones. The difference is that they can be opened or closed from the inside by pressing a button. Ideal for bathrooms, rooms or offices that we want to close from the inside.

Multipoint locks

This type of locks is the most used in central access doors to homes due to its high level of protection. Its main characteristic resides in that it incorporates several locks in the center, as well as in the lower and upper part of the door. Noke smart entry comes with a single internal system that allows them to be closed at the same time. They are highly secure and, of course, the most difficult to force.


Electronic or digital locks

These are similar to those of hotels and are available in various types and models: by alphanumeric code, by fingerprint, by mobile phone and an app, by Bluetooth, etc. This type is also known as a smart lock.

What is the most suitable lock depending on the type of door?

To increase the effectiveness of the locks, it is also necessary to choose the most suitable door for each case.

Armored doors: these types of doors are the ones that offer greater security and, therefore, they are the ones that should have a lock that provides maximum security. For this reason, in this type of door it is recommended to use a multipoint lock.

Armored doors: these are not very resistant doors, so a multipoint lock with several bolts would also have to be mounted to reinforce security.

Macia doors: these are the most used doors in interior rooms and, therefore, it is enough to place mortise locks or tubular locks.

Metal doors: With these doors, which are insulating due to polyurethane, cylindrical or multi-point locks should be used to increase security.

Recommendations for choosing the best security lock noke smart entry

To choose the best security lock noke smart entry, the quality of the materials used in these must be taken into account. You can choose locks made of iron, nickel or stainless steel.

Apart from the material, you must choose a security lock that incorporates an additional prevention method against bumping. Bumping is one of the most widely used techniques today to force the bolt. It consists of inserting a manipulated key into the lock cylinder and striking it in order to make the pistons of the same “dance”.


With this, what is achieved is that the pistons of the cylinder jump simultaneously when the key is struck. It allows the turn of the key and, therefore, the opening of the security door. To avoid this technique, it is best to use a lock with an anti-bumping mechanism.

What are the defects in noke smart entry?

Despite choosing the best security lock, over time they always suffer wear and tear that ends up causing failures in their operation. Therefore, it is important to know the main faults so that they can be remedied as soon as possible.

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Common failures in high security locks

These are the most common faults that high security locks can present:

The key does not fit: It can happen because the key is in bad condition. Or because the cylinder has some dirt. To solve this, the key must be properly filed to avoid burrs or the cylinder must be carefully cleaned.

The latch does not work: Misalignment of the latch due to normal use of the door. It can be solved by tightening the screws / part of the door frame or lubricating the latch with graphite spray.
noke smart entry

The latch sticks: It can happen because the door has moved for some reason. It can be solved by moving the latch to the new position. You can do this by adjusting / replacing the door hinges to bring it to the original position.

Difficulty turning the noke smart entry key

Usually due to lack of lubrication. For this you have to apply graphite spray and if this does not work, the noke smart entry lock will have to be changed.

We have heard that the best way to protect our home from theft is with a digital lock, since they have greater resistance and better protection against any loss of theft, but do you really know how digital locks work? Today we will tell you how.

Digital locks have an electromechanical opening and closing system, with a small motor that is controlled by the electrical impulse, this motor can be activated in different ways depending on the function of the types of locks:

  • Keypad to dial number.
  • Proximity card.
  • Digital fingerprint reader.
  • Remote control by bluetooth or via the Internet.

How do digital locks work?

Whichever we buy noke smart entry, this system only allows access when it receives the correct information.

The closure of the system is produced by a mechanical lock that works with electromagnets, in this way the door closes more safely and automatically if desired. Therefore, a digital lock requires a battery-based power source to function.

Some of the benefits that we can highlight when having a digital lock at home we can highlight: