What should you watch out for when retrofitting next x yale lock review?

What should you watch out for when retrofitting next x yale lock review?

Even if most break-ins occur through unsecured windows or patio doors, you should definitely use a good security lock, for this you must go through next x yale lock review. It is mostly anonymous, especially in large apartment buildings and high-rise buildings. Hardly anyone knows their neighbors or roommates, so there is of course a low risk of discovery.

Burglars often have an easy time here. This is how burglars think is described; they look for the best opportunity for easy entry into the apartment. Often, doors of inferior quality can only be opened in seconds with an old credit card stuck between the door and the edge of the door. In simple door locks, the door cylinder likes to protrude and can therefore easily be turned off with pliers.

How can we secure a poorly secured door?

A test burglar shows how he can overcome a poorly secured front door in a matter of seconds using the simplest means. His record was breaking into a brand new front door that had been locked twice. Here he only needed 1 second with a simple screwdriver. But it also shows how you can effectively protect yourself with burglar-resistant quality locks so check next x yale lock review.

What do you need for a well-secured front door?

Basic door lock:

A security lock for the front door consists of several components, all of which together increase security enormously. The entrance door that you want to retrofit should have the following features:

High-quality mortise lock

The illustration shows a high-quality mortise lock that locks automatically when the door is closed. The door is opened from the inside using the handle. Here as an example a stable door protection fitting with cylinder protection for house doors, where the handle plate is usually on the outside and the handle on the inside. For more security visit next x yale lock review.

Strike plate next x yale lock

A strike plate, in conjunction with the matching mortise lock, is part of the basic security for secure house doors.

Locking cylinder (with key)

A double cylinder is shown here - this is a cylinder that locks on both sides for house entrance doors with an emergency function (also closes when the key is inside).

  • ABUS cylinder lock
  • Furthermore, lock cylinder with key
  • Electronic door lock Goodbye

Electronic door lock with pin code

It is even more convenient with the electronic door lock, with which you have a choice of three operating options: The door lock can be unlocked with a smartphone (APP), fingerprint or remote control. You must also consider next x yale lock review.

  • We lock door lock with fingerprint, Bluetooth, mobile phone
  • Door lock to unlock with fingerprint, Bluetooth or mobile phone

A stable door construction with tested fastening technology is just as important as these products. This avoids having to pry open the door easily. A good door fastener consists of

Wall anchor and strap securing

Many doors are fitted securely on the lock, but the hinge side is often forgotten. The hinge lock makes it difficult to pry open the door on the hinge side and thus protects against attacks with the crowbar. Next x yale lock review also ensures optimal protection against break-ins for house doors.

  • Ligament securing
  • Additional security:

Armored bolt next x yale lock

The door is secured with an armored bolt on both the lock and the hinge side. This is how you achieve the best protection against attempted break-ins.

  • Armored bolt ABUS
  • Moreover, armored bolt
  • Similarly, peephole or digital peephole with camera

Peephole next x yale lock

The digital peephole reacts when the bell is pressed (even if you are absent). A picture is taken and up to 25 pictures are stored internally. This way you can see which visitors you have had after your return.

Digital peephole

Tips for a new security lock

When retrofitting house door security, the complete door security system must always be observed like next x yale lock review. It makes no sense to just buy a good profile cylinder if the security fitting is defective. In addition, you should always pay attention to tested quality. Good front door security is usually a one-time purchase that will last for many years, if not decades.


Therefore, you are not saving in the wrong place. Find out about the new digital possibilities that an electronic door lock or a peephole with a camera can offer you. These devices often offer a lot of added value and useful additional options and they are much more than just a technical gimmick.

What should you look out for when buying a mortise lock?

For the entrance door you need a robust and DIN-tested mortise lock for house doors. Here, when the door is closed, only the latch is activated. It is locked using the door bolt. It is important that you buy the mortise lock for the correct side and make sure the security by next x yale lock review. For explanation: There is a DIN left door and a DIN right door.

Doors are designated as left doors (DIN left door) or right doors (DIN right door) depending on the type of hinge. These are the doors on which the door hinges (hinges) are visible and after which the door leaf opens: There are 3 dimensions to consider:

next x yale lock review 2021

Ø Faceplate:

 The faceplate of a mortise lock is called the faceplate (faceplate size is usually 20 mm)

Ø Backset:

 The backset is the distance from the center of the handle or lock cylinder to the front edge of the faceplate. This distance is given in millimeters. (The backset is often 55 mm)

Ø Distance measurement:

The distance is the distance from the center of the lock follower (axis of rotation of the door handle) to the center of the profile cylinder (axis of rotation of the key). (a distance of 72 mm is often specified)

What do you have to consider when buying a security fitting?

The security fitting protects the next x yale lock review against drilling attacks, the lock cylinder against being broken off by force and, if the fitting is equipped with a cylinder cover, against being pulled out by force.