What is the best electronic door lock in the market?

What is the best electronic door lock in the market?

What is an electronic door lock?     

    best electronic door locks

 The best electronic door lock is much better than conventional door locks. They give you more security and easiness to lock and unlock. Furthermore, the lock has a digital pad or you may control it with your voice.

What is the best electronic door lock?

The best electronic door lock is the one that is easy to install in the door, easy to use for a user, cheaper as compared to others in the market. Furthermore, it supports all the major smart systems at home like Google Assistant and Alexa.

What are the major features of electronic locks?

Many smart locks have a mobile app. This app enables you to use your lock for locking and unlocking doors with just a tap on the icon. Some locks provide a web app that allows you to control your lock from your laptop or desktop. 

The best electronic door locks enable you to check that who entered or exited from your door in your absence. It means that you get the benefit of a security guard even it tells the exact time of the activity. You may read the following information to more about the best electronic door locks.


It proves amazing for you because this makes you tension-free that either you have locked your door or not. Your door will be automatically locked after some time of unlocking it. Furthermore, this period also depends upon you. You will feed the period after which the door will be locked automatically.

Geofencing Lock

It gave you the choice to lock your door automatically when you will be out of the perimeter. It depends on you that what distance you make your perimeter because you feed this information to the lock. It is the best electronic door lock due to its feature.

Voice Activation

These locks are the easiest to use because you just tell your phone that open the main gate or shut the drawing-room door. Your smartphone acts like your slave and there is no chance of mistake and delay due to which you will more ease than a human slave.

Lock with a video doorbell

This is the best electronic door lock that enables you to pair a lock with a video doorbell. This combination gives you outer sight. Due to which you may see who is ringing the bell. Furthermore, you may unlock it without moving.

IFTTT Feature

You will enjoy this feature a lot because it makes the door automatic and acts as humans do. First of all, you need to know the IFTTT (If This Then That). It means that you make your door enable to lock and unlock in certain situations. For example, open the door when there is smoke in the room.

Moreover, these locks also provide you second option to operate your lock. As in case of no availability of phone, you will operate your lock with touch on touchpads. You will enter your specific code to lock or unlock the door in case of no phone or laptop.

How to install an electronic door lock?

It will be good for you to hear that most of the electronic locks have standard drilled holes. Those are already there for your conventional locks. Due to this, you do not need to drill further holes for the installation of an electronic lock.

Moreover, the best electronic door locks have another wonderful, feature that you just change your interior cylinder and put an electronic lock. Although your outer lock and its design will remain the same.  

For whom these locks are?

First of all, you need to know that these locks are for some people not for everyone. These locks are for those people who want to get rid of a bulky bunch of keys. Moreover, who knows how to enter code on a touchscreen or keypad?


As some people are not able to use touch screens or keypads that’s why they will never get benefit from these electronic door locks.

Benefits of electronic door locks

The best electronic door locks have countless advantages but all of them are difficult to write here. That’s why some of them are given below. Read them carefully if you have interested to install an electronic door lock for your door.

  • If you install an electronic lock you do not need to carry a bunch of keys.
  • In the case of the best electronic door lock, you will get a facility of 15-20 users.
  • Moreover, you will be able to add or delete any code at any time.
  • Another benefit is that you don’t need to give or take return a key from any temporary user.
  • These electronic door locks prove beneficial for those who have too young kids to handle keys.
  • Another advantage is Ease to open on anyone's arrival without moving from your place.
  • It works as a security guard, it will monitor who is coming in or going out when you are away.
  • The overall look of the door is better in the case of electronic door lock s than traditional locks.
  • An electronic lock works as all in one which gives many facilities at the same time.

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Conclusively, we can say that there many best electronic door locks in the market. But the best electronic door locks are those having maximum facilities such as easy to install and use. Furthermore having fewer prices more feature. These locks have various advantages over traditional locks. They provide us many facilities and ease.