What is the scope of bluetooth locks in 2021: A Brief Introduction?

What is the scope of bluetooth locks in 2021: A Brief Introduction?

Bluetooth locks

Bluetooth lock
 is traditionally used on entrance doors (entrance, wicket, gates and ordinary entrance doors) of residential and office buildings. Electronic locks with cards are widely used in hotels, hotels, office premises.

Is it safe to use such a lock?

The electronic door lock belongs to the category of the most reliable, since no ordinary key is used to open it, which is not a problem to lose or steal. The door cannot be unlocked with an electronic master key, but only a specialist in this field can completely disassemble it with special equipment. Most thieves bypass doors with electronic locks, since learning how to open them is a real problem.

For example, a combination lock consists of a chain of elements: if, if an attempt to open the first lock is unsuccessful, the rest will be automatically locked, since they work in a single system. When trying to break the door, the owner of the lock will receive an alert on his smartphone.

Place of installation

At the place of installation, bluetooth lock is divided into mortise and overhead devices, which differ in the method of fastening. Both types provide high reliability and protection, however, a patch lock benefits from a simple device and the ability to install the lock with your own hands.

Key view

The digital model is especially popular among electronic locks - the lock is opened using a card in the manner of a bank card (a similar technology is used in hotels and meeting rooms). Information is read from a magnetic tape, which ensures a high degree of data safety and security.

The main types of keys for bluetooth lock:

  • Key tablet - mainly used for intercoms and gates.
  • Card - used in hotels and hotels.
  • Biometric device.
  • Microchip card.

The main problem is the ability of the electronic lock to function exclusively in the presence of an electric current.

Distance type

By the type of remoteness, the keys can be divided into:

  • The door opens
  • The key can be tied into a chain of control to open the lock from a specific point - for example, using a smartphone. Also, this type of device is used on gates and garages, when the door automatically opens when a car approaches.

Physical key lock

An electronic key fob is usually used as a physical key, which sends a signal to the electronic panel.


Combination bluetooth lock is usually found on the driveway doors of apartment buildings or gates, gates of private houses and cottages. Opening is done by entering the code - for maximum security, it is recommended to change the code at least once every six months. 

The structure consists of a locking device and a panel. Breaking open is also quite simple, since many modern combination locks contain a composition of numbers and letters as a key for opening.

Biometric bluetooth lock

It is considered one of the most reliable types of electronic locks. The door is opened by reading the biometric characteristics of a person. The retina of the eye, fingerprints, etc. Provides the owner with comfortable use, but it is impossible to install such a lock on your own.

How is the installation of overhead locks?

The stages of installing electronic locks depend on their design features.

Materials and tools

For work you will need:

  • Marking tool - marker or bright pencil, ruler, building level.
  • Electric drill with a set of suitable drills.
  • Screwdriver for fastening screws.

The tools are the same regardless of the type of lock and how it is attached.


To begin with, the location of the castle is selected. It depends on the type of door and the distance to the door jamb, as well as the selected type of lock (for example, invisible locks can be installed anywhere).


 The standard layout is at a distance of 90-110 cm from the floor level. The markings indicate the attachment point (for example, where you need to fix the screws), as well as the body of the locking mechanism.

This is how the bluetooth lock works?

The bluetooth lock belongs to the field of smart home technology, but can also be used individually. So there is no need for a fully equipped smart home for a digital door lock.

The advantages of the digital door lock

If you decide to install a digital lock, you have various providers and services available. Regardless of this, the digital locks are similar in various ways, such as management via app.

You can check the status of your front door (locked or open) at any time with the app on your smartphone. In addition, you can easily enter the house with the app as soon as you stand in front of the door lock - without having to take your mobile phone out of your pocket or handbag.

The app also shows you who have already opened the door today - for example, whether the children have come home from school.

The Smart Lock is that safe

You don't have to worry about security either. The digital locks have a similarly good encryption to that of online banking. No lock is 100% protected, but this is not a normal lock either. And it is unlikely that the burglar will actually take the trouble to pick the lock.

 It is more likely that he is looking for a way through windows and other entrances - and no digital door lock can help either.

Bluetooth locks 2021

Compatibility of smart home and digital door lock

Of course, the bluetooth lock can also be integrated into your smart home. You can also connect the digital lock to cloud-based voice services such as Alexa , the Google Assistant or the Apple HomeKit . So you can always find out whether the door is closed - regardless of whether your cell phone battery is empty or the device is out of your range.