What is schlage encode alexa lock? A complete Review 2021

What is schlage encode alexa lock? A complete Review 2021

What is an electronic door lock?

Most people are familiar with classic schlage encode alexa with mechanical locking according to the key-lock principle. There is another locking variant that offers some advantages:

  • The electronic locking,
  • it opens and closes via smartphone
  • Some models have fingerprint scanner.

What are the advantages of schlage encode alexa?

Anyone who owns a classic schlage encode alexa must always have a key with them. That can be very expensive. With an electronic door lock, the user can use the smartphone to open and close.

A practical variant is entering the PIN code directly on the electronic lock. The transponder the authorization can simply be withdrawn so that no stranger is able to open the door with the device.

Which is the best security system?

The guide provides information about the various security options against which burglars have little chance of getting into the house. From biometrically intelligent locks that react to fingerprints to fob-active door locks that open with a key fob, there is a wide range of electronic security options.

Benefits of schlage encode alexa

 If the schlage encode alexa has a smart function and connects to the internet, the connection with the smart home take place. With the appropriate setting, for example, selected lights or music come on automatically when the door is opened.

  • Convenience through PIN entry or fingerprint recognition
  • High security if the transponder is lost
  • Expandability of access authorizations
  • High security against burglars
  • Power supply required
  • Not entirely safe from manipulation and hackers
  • Prone to failure
  • More expensive than a conventional lock

Which doors can I secure with an electronic door lock?

Every type of door can be locked with an electronic door lock. However, schlage encode alexa only designed for exterior doors. In the following, the guide goes into which type of electronic door lock best fits which door.

Electronic door lock for front doors

Securing front and rear doors is the most common use of electronic locks. Any type and brand of electronic locking system will fit this type of door. It is important to make sure that it is a model specifically designed for exterior doors.

Electronic door lock for interior doors

. Locks for interior doors are available in many colors and surface textures, so that there is probably the right model for the existing door fittings underneath.


Electronic door lock for garage doors

Most electronic locking systems for external doors are also suitable for garage doors. It doesn't matter if it's a wired or wireless schlage encode alexa..

What types of electronic door locks are there?

Differences the five variants of electronic door locks are:

  • Code lock with PIN
  • Fingerprint lock
  • Lock with smartphone control
  • Lock with chip card
  • Moreover, lock with transponder

The next section provides information on the most important properties of these four types of electronic door locks.

Code lock with PIN

The user unlocks the door by entering the correct sequence of numbers on a keyboard. More expensive schlage encode alexa allows temporary access authorization. A door opener with a PIN is also practical for the home, as a key is no longer required and the door is burglar-proof.

Multiple codes possible

  • Access possible for many people
  • Numeric code can be passed on to trustworthy persons
  • No key can be lost
  • Unauthorized persons can find out the code
  • Power supply required

Fingerprint lock

A biometric door lock has a fingers can pad that recognizes authorized persons by their fingerprint with the fingerprint sensor. This type of lock with finger scan is one of the most secure as it is impossible to falsify the individual fingerprint.

  • No key can be lost
  • Several prints can be saved with fingers can
  • Fingerprint cannot be impersonated
  • High burglary protection
  • Key handover is not possible
  • Power supply required for finger scan

Lock with smartphone control

This is a very new locking system variant. The user operates the schlage encode alexa via the app that he has previously installed on the smartphone. He can conveniently open the door via Bluetooth open and close. The disadvantage is that the cell phone must always be with you and the battery must not be empty.

  • Smartphone is usually carried with you anyway
  • Easy door opening by mobile phone
  • Access possible for several people
  • Numerous functions via app
  • There must be a radio connection
  • Power supply required

How does an electronic door opener with Wi-Fi work?

Some manufacturers of schlage encode alexa advertise the WLAN function. In reality, these locks do not work via WLAN, but via Bluetooth via the smartphone.

Lock with chip card
schlage encode alexa 2021

The user pulls a chip card over the sensor on the lock. Compared to the conventional lock with key, the lock and card can be reprogrammed with the locking system with chip card.

  • Passing on the chip card is possible
  • Easy reprogramming
  • Suitable for many people
  • High burglary protection
  • Lock with transponder

What is a transponder?

A transponder is a remote control for the door lock as schlage encodes alexa. Mostly it is a key ring or a bracelet. As with the chip card, there is a risk of loss. In this case, the user does not have to replace the lock immediately.

  • Passing on of transponders possible
  • Suitable for many people
  • Programmable
  • High burglary protection
  • Power supply required

What does an electronic door lock cost?

The acquisition costs for an electronic locking system are higher than those of a conventional lock. The costs depend on the type and functionality of the door lock. If you want special protection against break-ins and individual additional features, you have to plan a correspondingly higher purchase price.

Cheap models of schlage encode alexa are in the double-digit range.

Where can I buy electronic door locks?

Electronic door locks are available in hardware stores, in electronics stores such as Saturn or Media Market or in online shops. Buying on the internet saves a lot of time. If you have no manual experience, you should have the installation carried out by a specialist.


A wide range of products is available online, and the selection is huge. A price comparison is possible without any problems.

The delivery times are a disadvantage of online purchases. In specialist shops there is the possibility of personal advice.