What are the different types of home locks: Beginner’s Guide?

What are the different types of home locks: Beginner’s Guide?

Lock tips to make doors safer

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Currently, world is experiencing a wave of insecurity. It is difficult to hear about someone who feels 100% secure in their home. Therefore, the market develops much home lock equipment for walls, windows, gates, locks, etc.

Today we are going to talk about how to make your door safer. The locks are extremely important pieces for the security of your home; after all, it is through it that the thief will have access to the interior of your residence.

So, check here some tips of locks that will enhance the protection of your home:

Locks without double cylinder handle

The double cylinder lock is considered the safest, as it does not have a spring mechanism. That is, it is not possible to push your tongue without using the key.

Tubular locks

It is a lock more expensive than the others.

Biometric Locks

This type of lock is also more expensive. The biometric lock recognizes the fingerprint of persons authorized to enter the residence.

Discover the different models of home lock available on the market and ensure that your home is always safe.

Home lock Provides Better Decoration

 When it comes to decoration, choosing a lock model that matches both the door and the finish of the rest of the room is essential. For this, there are several models of locks that can be better suited to steel, wooden doors, among other materials.

Now, when talking about security, especially in protecting the entrance to the house, it is essential to think of reinforced models. Locks that guarantee the feeling of protection inside the property. In addition to common steel locks, electric and electronic models have been gaining more and more space on the market.

The frequency of handling the object is a factor that must be taken into account when choosing the material. In addition to the location of the room and climatic factors that can influence the durability of the home lock.

We prepared a story with the 9 most popular types of locks, so that you know them and can make a decision about which one to choose for the house or apartment. Check it out below.

What are the types of locks?

Reading this article and taking note of the types of locks that we will show. You will surely notice that the range of color and material options is quite diverse.

However, we want to go beyond that. We will explain the functions, advantages and disadvantages of each one to facilitate the choice. Knowing which one best suit the house and the level of security you want to obtain in each room.

Entrance lock

As the name suggests, this model is indicated for the main door of the house, where visitors and residents enter. It is the most exposed. This type of lock requires its material to be more reinforced, in addition to allowing it to be locked inside and out.

This type of home lock has cylinders that allow the door to open and close with the use of the key. Some models have a button or lever on the inside, leaving the key to be used only on the outside.

It is still possible to reinforce security with the installation of a locking system. And, because it is the first thing that your visitors will see, it is possible to find models with various types of finish.

Internal lock

These lock models are best suited for doors inside the home, where security is not essential. With that, you can take advantage of creativity, betting on locks with different finishes and more neat, such as chrome, polished, brushed or oxidized.

Latch lock


Another type of lock for internal doors is the lock, because they are simple and have a low level of security. In this model, the latch closes only internally, although the handle is fixed on both sides. It is quite common to find them in bathrooms, so the key is never lost, since it is attached to the lock itself.

 Roller lock

This home lock model is widely used in pivoting doors, which open only with the key, as they do not need a handle, only a handle.

A disadvantage of this model is security, as it can be closed without the need to be locked. It is common to find it on fire doors, or on doors with electronic opening.

Parrot's beak lock

This is the type of lock recommended exclusively for sliding doors. The system is extremely simple and consists only of a hook to lock the door.

Locking home lock

The name can cause some confusion, but it is not a lock itself, but a mechanism that can be installed to increase security, especially on entrance doors or garage gates. The most common models are the so-called tetra locks. They have four rows of teeth, preventing the door from being opened easily by thieves or malicious people.

A locking home lock uses solid and resistant material that prevents the door from being opened or moved without using the correct key. There are two types of locking system for this lock: the single, which is best, suited for wooden and metal doors, and the double, ideal for glass doors.

There are also models available on the market where both the tetra lock and the door handle are sold together, so you can save money and ensure a safe home.

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The home lock has a rectangular shape and has two metal plates that complement the door handles. It is a model also indicated for internal doors that need to be locked, since they do not have a security system. With this lock, you only need to push the door to close it from the inside. Outside, it will be necessary to move the mechanism by means of the knob.