What are august door sense and its features? Complete Review 2021

What are august door sense and its features? Complete Review 2021

Smart locks: what are they and what are they for?

 august door sense

Forgetting to close your front door is something that happens to almost everyone. To avoid leaving your door open when you leave your house or apartment, you can install august door sense that automatically locks when the front door closes.

What is august door sense?

In addition, this type of lock also allows you to open your door, even if you forgot your key inside. It is a real technological advance that follows the trend of the connected home.

Now is the time to make your home smarter by installing a smart lock. In this article, we'll give you an overview of the benefits it could bring to you by installing august door sense in your home.

What is a smart lock?

If used correctly, smart locks prevent you from leaving your home open to intruders while ensuring that you are never locked out.

With a smart lock, you never need to use a key to lock or unlock a door. You just need to shake or place a connected smartphone in front of it. You can open and close a smart lock by touching it with your finger or pressing an app button.

The technology of this type of lock has now advanced to the point that users can simply walk up to the front door or talk to it to have it open.

Some august door sense systems include programming features that allow users to leave their homes with the knowledge that the front door will automatically lock behind them.

Now here are five reasons why a smart lock would make your life safer and easier.

August door sense: Peace of mind

One of the main benefits of installing a smart lock is the peace of mind in which you will be out of your home. Once you are away from home, you doubt if the door has been closed, except that you have to wait until you come back to check if it was the case or not ...

You have the option of controlling your new lock remotely, as long as it is connected to the home's Wi-Fi network. You can open and lock any door in your home from the corner of the next street or from a stadium that is miles from your neighborhood. 

August Door Sense Provides you Remote Access

Remote access gives you the option of opening the back door for an appliance repairer or the front door for a delivery person who has to leave an “urgent” package inside to secure it.

In addition, august door sense does not need any programming on a system other than your Smart home. You can program it on the same programming system that you established for your Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, or Apple HomeKit Hub.

For example, by saying “Ok Alexa, it's time to go to bed,” your smart home system can set the thermostat to your preferred sleeping temperature, dim the lights to create the optimal sleeping mood, and, above all, lock the front door to give you a night of peace of mind. You can also play soothing music through your connected coffee table.

August Wi-Fi Smart Lock

There weren't many improvements to August's smart lock, but the company decided to modify its original model to make it smaller and easier to use. The august door sense is 45% smaller than the original. It means it takes less space on your door, and now comes with built-in Wi-Fi, so you don't have to worry about having to install the August Connect Bridge.

 Everything we loved about the August Pro is easy to find here:

  • A simple setup process
  • features like DoorSense
  • and interoperability with a wide range of other smart home systems, from Alexa to Google Assistant. via Xfinity. 

The Yale Assure SL Lock connected by August is fast, quiet and completely keyless. Unlike many keyboard models, its slim and sleek glass and metal casing is stylish. The Assure combines Yale's physical security skills with August's smart home finesse.

 august door sense 2021

 Like our top pick, it connects to your Wi-Fi network, allowing you to control the lock and manage access codes remotely. We also like the DoorSense accessory, a little snap-on magnet that tells the lock whether the door is open or closed so the deadbolt doesn't click until the door is closed. An extremely important note:

Features of august door sense

If someone tries to tamper with your lock, an audible alarm is a good deterrent. The august door sense is our choice for the best smart lock with alarm, as it will sound a loud siren in the event of a break-in. . Interior of the house.

 This function reduces the risk of theft. Amazon Key does require a compatible security camera, however, which costs extra. The lock supports Alexa and Google Assistant, so you can easily integrate it into your smart home system, but there is no support for Apple's HomeKit.

In short, most of these keys are quite modern. So you need to modernize your house a bit to make it more livable and classier. We hope you liked this selection and helped you make your choice.


Smart Locks Offers Modern style

When the technology first appeared, smart locks were unsightly and impractical. Their strange shape detracted from the aesthetics of the house and made their installation difficult. Up close, many types of smart locks looked like unattractive standard locks.

But this is no longer the case.

Several companies manufacture smart locks that integrate perfectly with a wide variety of entry doors, while remaining very discreet.

Additionally, many manufacturers now offer several different styles so that homeowners can incorporate security systems into their home's design.

Facilitates visitor access

August door sense is ideal for vacation rental companies that need to provide guests with access to properties.

They are also perfect for cleaning and dog walking professionals who come and go to your home several times a week.

Plus, if friends and family come by to see you throughout the week, all it takes is a phone call to unlock the front door from your office across town.


With smart locks, you don't need to pack spare keys, or hide a key under the front door doormat or in the mailbox at the end of the aisle.