Smart lock sale: Is that good to buy a Wi-Fi lock?

Smart lock sale: Is that good to buy a Wi-Fi lock?

 Smart lock sale

Smart lock sale is an indispensable device in today's smart home system. The product has many outstanding advantages, along with great security for your home. Let's find out what is a smart door lock? Is that good? Should you buy it?

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  1. What is a smart door lock?
  2. How smart door lock works

Open with fingerprint

Similarly, open with magnetic card

Open with mechanical key

Moreover, open with a smartphone

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  1. Why should you use a smart door lock for your home?

What is a smart door lock?

Smart door lock (smart lock), also known as smart lock sale, is an electronic lock that applies smart technology, making it easy for users to open the door without the need for a key.

This device is integrated with many outstanding security features such as unlocking by fingerprint, magnetic card, phone, etc.

In particular, being able to monitor via a phone application   will help you easily control the activity of the house.

How smart lock sale works?

Open with fingerprint

You can use your fingerprint to quickly unlock the bar because you use a regular mechanical key.

Currently, smart lock sale often use numbers from 0 to 9 and special characters such as #, *, +, ... for users to use as management passwords.

Depending on the type of key, it is possible to store and set up from 80 to 150 different user IDs 

Open with magnetic card

Unlocking by magnetic card is one of the widely common methods. This card is shaped like a credit card or smaller. You just need to use the card and scan through the smart lock to be able to open it.

The most commonly common magnetic card today is the RFID type. RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology helps to identify objects by radio waves, allowing reading the information contained in the chip of the card at long distances without direct contact. 

Open smart lock sale with mechanical key

Another way to unlock in case the door lock is out of battery is to use a mechanical key. Almost every smart door lock comes with a mechanical key and is common like traditional locks.

Open with smartphone

This is the fastest and most convenient way to unlock smart lock sale no matter where you are. If your phone has an internet connection, this should be easy.

Unlocking by phone will be saved on the app, helping you to check and manage the entry and exit of the house effectively.

Advantages & disadvantages of smart door locks


Convenience: You will not need to carry your keys and fear losing them every time you go out. Thanks to the smart lock, opening/closing the door is easier, saving users a lot of time and effort.

High safety and security: Because it is activated by the user's fingerprint, counterfeiting will be very difficult. The smart door lock is very solidly composed of 5 latches. The keyhole replaces with a biometric reader so there will be no breaking. If this situation occurs, the lock will sound an alarm to the owner.

Convenience: A smart door lock is an electronic device that records the date, time, and people entering and leaving at any time. It is especially useful for you when you want to control and track activities every time that comes in and out of the house.

Diverse design: There are many different models and designs to suit the needs of users, ensuring the right fit for the interior of the family.

Cons of smart lock sale

  • More expensive than traditional locks.
  • Requires specialized workers and long installation time
  • In case the finger is scratched, the fingerprint recognition will be poor in smart lock sale.

Why should you use a smart door lock for your home?

Smart locks have many outstanding and convenient advantages to help you feel secure every time you go out, especially on long trips or business trips, ensuring the safety of family life.

Users will no longer have to worry every time they forget to bring their keys or lose them. You can set everything up easily through just one phone. In particular, smart door locks will contribute to improving the aesthetics and ultra-modernity of the house.

The smart lock sale also integrates the ability to warn of intrusion and fire when detecting high temperatures, helping to ensure safety and timely handling when problems occur.

The lock also comes with a mechanical key for the most emergency use.

Suggest some smart door lock models for you


 Smart lock sale 2021

Generally, August is one of the most famous smart door lock brands in the US including August Smart Lock Pro and August Wifi Smart Lock.

  • Smart Lock Pro makes it easy to open the door with your phone and share access with other family members.
  • Wifi August Smart Lock is a porch improved version with lighter volume and users can connect via wifi.

August's devices come with sensors that automatically open / close the door when you approach or go away. You can also set up voice control through Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, or Siri.

Wyze smart lock sale

Wyze Lab's smart door lock uses smart technology combined with Bluetooth waves.

This device can automatically open the door when you are almost home or automatically lock the door when you close the door.

Wyze's smart door lock is currently supporting Amazon Alexa.

Nest & Yale

Nest & Yale smart lock sale is a product from the manufacturer Yale. This is a door lock with integrated Google Assistant and supported control on the Nest app, so users can easily control the opening/closing of the door.

With a compact design, easy-to-install supports opening the door when it's dark; the lock still runs on batteries in case of a power outage or weak wifi connection.