Which is the best security at your fingertips system in 2021?

Which is the best security at your fingertips system in 2021?

Before explaining in detail the 9 types of motorized and electronic cylinders that I have selected, it is good to underline some important aspects about security at your fingertips.

Guarantee of Protection with security at your fingertips

The cylinder of a lock is the first bulwark that guarantees the protection of your home from malicious people. However, even with a good cylinder installed, this does not mean that all responsibility for safety is delegated to this component.

A high level of Security at your fingertips is reached, in fact, when the system itself (armored door, lock and cylinder) has high anti-burglary parameters.

Learn basics about security at your fingertips

If you want to learn more about the regulatory aspects that define the Security at your fingertips, such as Durability, Attack Resistance and Key Related Security, this article will help you understand more.

Consequently, it is easy to understand that even if the cylinder is of good quality, but the lock is not or is malfunctioning, this becomes the weak link of the system.

In summary, when installing a new cylinder with Security at your fingertips. It is good practice to have the status of the lock checked. if possible, replace it with a latest generation model.

How is a European cylinder made?

The motorized cylinders or electronic cylinders are available in the market for the version with European profile. It is the most type of locks for armored doors. On request, some companies also produce them for cylinders with oval and round profiles.

The basic operation of a lock cylinder is always the same.

Looking at the cylinder from its outside, it can be seen that in the central part there is a dark-colored tongue, called a cam or wrench.

How to works cylinder and the lock? 

The cam is the interface between the cylinder and the lock. However, it is the component that mechanically comes into contact with the lock mechanism and that regulates its opening or closing.

Inside the main body of the cylinder, there can be of various materials. This depends on its degree of safety; there are pins that slide on some seats.

How does security at your fingertips help?

The number of pins generally ranges between 5 and 36, guaranteeing up to  100,000  key bits .

Explaining the concept of security at your fingertips, the greater the number of pins, the greater are the achievable combinations. Therefore, the less likely it is to open the cylinder.

The motorized and electronic cylinders may have a variant with respect to what is written above: the pistons are not hocommon in one of the 2 half halves, but a small motor is inserted to operate the cam.

What are the characteristics of a motorized cylinder or electronic cylinder?

First of all, it is good to understand what use must be there. We can say this between Business to Business (B2B) or Business to Customer (B2C).

When we talk about B2B we mean, for example:

  • a commercial
  • industrial application

An electronic cylinder is easy to mount to manage the accesses of a Bed & Breakfast or in a company. It is to exclude the entry of employees at certain times or areas.

In the B2C security at your fingertips application, on the other hand, the cylinder is designed to be sold directly to the final consumer who will install it in the door of his home.
security at your fingertips 2021

Basically, the B2B application generally requires features that are not always required in B2C.

Some features of security at your fingertips as follows:

  • Automatic resetor not: the possibility that the cylinder switches from one access configuration to another autonomously;
  • Wireless or wired system(battery or power supply);
  • Use of numeric or biometric keypadsto gain access;
  • Badge or cardfor opening;
  • Cloud systemfor data and statistics management;
  • Remote connectionfor access management.

Just to take a feature for example, let's consider the wiring. For a final consumer it could certainly be easier to buy a motorized cylinder that runs on batteries.

The wiring for the power supply, in fact, would require a greater expense and a longer assembly time as it requires the intervention of an electrician.

On the other hand, it is unthinkable for a company to use a battery system, even if rechargeable, given the high number of daily accesses.

What are the components of an electronic cylinder?

 To what has been explained a little while ago, a fundamental part must come to ensure the operation of the entire cylinder: the engine.

This component also houses the receiver of the opening and closing signal.

what it takes to make an electronic cylinder work.

First, here are the components that must or can be installed:

  1. The actual cylinder tobe inserted in the hole of the lock equipped with actuator and receiver;
  2. A remote control or magnetic card
  3. A magnet tobe applied to the door frame
  4. Your smartphonewhere you can download an IOS or Android application
  5. A biometric reader or numeric keypad(optional)

It is important to note that the classic mechanical key is important. It is to remedy malfunctions of the electronic system, or simply the fact that the batteries can run out.

However, this is not true in electronic cylinders and we will see below about security at your fingertips.

Smartphone use as door key

The remote control can in turn is easy to replace by the smartphone. In this case you can open your home security door simply using your phone. You can do this after downloading the manufacturer's dedicated application.

In addition, all manufacturers offer more sophisticated solutions to complement their motorized cylinders. Such as the biometric fingerprint reader or the numeric keypad on which to type the code for opening.

Finally, the electronic cylinders for security at your fingertips always come by a magnet. The cylinder closes the door automatically when it closes.

How do you install a motorized cylinder and an electronic cylinder?

In the simplest case, in the absence of biometric readers or numeric keypads. It is not necessary to contact an installer or electrician for the power supply.


All the main electronic cylinders, in fact, carry batteries. We can replace after a certain number of uses. Similarly, we can reload with the help of an installation cable.