Schlage Encode Home Kit Review 2021

Schlage Encode Home Kit Review 2021


Schlage encode home kit is a smart WIFI entry lock system for homes

The Schlage encode home kit is one of the modern phenomena and amazing entry lock system the world is crazy about. It basically is a smart deadbolt lock system. However, one of the most amazing features of this technology is that Key by Amazon supports this system for its effective delivery service.

It is because this smart lock system allows the delivery people to use this service for placing the order inside your rooms or hallways. It eventually prevents them from leaving the package outside on the porch, where there are great chances for the parcel to get lost.

Moreover, leaving the package outside the house may not appear to be safe, and in this way, it is a high probability of getting stolen by someone. It also allows the customer to watch the delivery person on the security camera and record their service. Read more here

What Is Weak in The Schlage Encode Home Kit?

There are many features that make the Schlage encode home kit one of the best in the world. It includes the additional feature to add a video ring doorbell. The video ring doorbell allows the customers to see who is knocking or present at their doorstep. Also, after verifying the person, there is a choice for the person to open the door remotely or not. However, with all these features, the Schlage Encode Home Kit also includes some weaknesses as well. This weakness is very important. As we have discussed that the system allows attaching the video ring doorbell. However, it is not equally suitable for other systems as Ring Alarm System. This system helps in elevating the Ring Pathlight. With the assumption that it must also work, it nevertheless never seems compatible with this system.

On the other hand, the Ring Alarm System only works well with Z-Wave deadbolts. This Z-wave Deadbolt is the Schlage own system better famous as Schlage Connect. However, this system only supports the Video Ring Doorbell that shows the icon at the bottom right corner of someone appears on the doorstep. By clicking the icon, one can allow the device to lock and unlock while watching the video.

However, for Ring Alarm System, there are no options and icons on the Ring Alarm Bell. By using this system, one cannot lock or unlock the system from a remote location. This option, however is not good at all in any sense.

Installation Of Schlage Encode Home Kit

The installation process of Schlage encode home kit is pretty much easy and convenient in a physical sense. However, when it comes to making the device stay connected and configured with all other smart home devices is very confusing. Hence, to make the device run with all other devices, one eventually needs to contact Schlage’s PR team in such hard times.

Furthermore, the Schlage Encode’s internal escutcheon is way smaller, making it easier for us to connect it with the interior elements while installing the machines. However, there are a few things that make the installation process a bit of a hectic task. It includes threading too short cable from the keylock through the keyhole and then to the power socket. Also, the company provides the set of batteries which are AA, to helps operate the door lock and the only mechanical key.

Compatibility With Key by Amazon Application

The one coolest thing about the schlage encode home kit is the connection and configuration of lock with Key by Amazon. There are two steps that one must follow to make it run using the smartphone app. First it requires you to install the application of software of Key by Amazon. After that one then needs to install the Schlage Home Access option to make the application run with other lock features. Also, one needs to install the Schlage Home application to run the device using the google assistant facility. However, the device is not compatible with Apple Home Kit.

Using the device with Key by Amazon, one needs to crack the six-digit master code by the company. It includes 4-digit user code as well. These codes are visible to user once he removes the battery covers. After you start entering your own personal selected code, the default codes get deleted on their own. However, if one forgets the codes, those old codes come back in operation after factory resetting the device.

Using the Schlage Home Application

It appears to be a real hectic task of installing the two separate applications to run one single Schlage encode home kit. However, the Schlage Home application installation brings many hidden options that are impossible for the Key by Amazon app. For the sake of example, as we have already discussed, if someone likes to use the device using Google Assistant, one needs to install the Schlage home app. But if you are using the Key by Amazon or Alexa, installing the Schlage home app is not a compulsion.

Furthermore, the Key by Amazon allows the user to create Master and Guest accounts for using the device. These accounts are equally suitable for the Schlage home app. However, the Schlage app introduces an optional setting that notifies the person using the push message if the guest account comes into use. From there hence one can thereby select the schedule access.

There is one more option available in the Schlage app. The application allows having virtual keys. The keys you can transfer or allow to use by your trusted people. Allowing these allows them to add and remove access codes and can change the lock setup and settings. The trusted user can even receive the notifications as well. For the sake of example. What if someone wants to allow mom and dad or wife to use the device. The person can eventually use the master account. However, he may also allow the parents to use the virtual key accounts to perform operations.

 These are a few things that we have discussed in The Schlage Encode Home Kit review. However, for detailed information on the system and other variety, feel free to contact us here