Resetting a Kwikset Smart Key Lock in Simple 7 Steps

Resetting a Kwikset Smart Key Lock in Simple 7 Steps

In modern times like these, when terms like Smart Living, Smart Tech and Smart Home are omnipresent and Smart Pet Tech can make the lives of pet parents more carefree, why not a Smart Lock? There are already many different solutions that can make your everyday life with resetting a kwikset smart key lock easier, such as a GPS tracker with activity tracking.


Resetting a kwikset smart key lock Smart Lock on the inside of the front door

Man and woman enter the house using the Kwikset app. Electronic door lock opens up new avenues for pet parents.  You may wonder how you can integrate this form of technology into your everyday life with your dog and / or cat and how it can help you. Find after a few ideas, like your animal routine even smarter is and you get even more carefree through the day.

Resetting a kwikset smart key lock Smart gate keeping

Electronic door locks like the Kwikset Smart Lock can transform your home into an even safer area for you and your four-legged friends. Because with Kwikset you have control of your front door and make sure that it is closed and that your furry friend stays safe - even if you are not by her side yourself. Furthermore, you have opportunity of resetting a kwikset smart key lock.

 How resetting a kwikset smart key lock works?

The Kwikset Smart Lock is easily installed on the inside of your entrance door and connected to the free Kwikset app. You can now send digital access authorizations. Imagine that your four-legged friend wants some fresh air while you are in the office or rolling around books in the library. Your pet sitter or another person you trust will play with your protégé outside on your own piece of green.


You have made the perfect garden for dogs full of dedication, with sweat and a lot of love, and then go for a walk. But can you see in the Kwikset app that the door has not been locked? No problem! This can then be combined with the Kwikset Bridge. You have remote access to your entrance door and, if necessary, can lock it from your mobile phone and also able of resetting a kwikset smart key lock.

Use of tractive GPS app

 As soon as your darling has left the safe home, follow their tracks with Tractive GPS and define Safe zones with a runaway alarm. It works for all adventures that go beyond your own doorstep. Or use the family sharing in the Tractive GPS app, with which you can share the whereabouts of your loved one within the family or circle of friends and thus hand over responsibility for a short time.

Be smart with Tractive GPS

If you don't feel like having a key copied for each helper, which might even be lost, then the Kwikset Fobs - remote controls that work via Bluetooth - are a good solution for you. As a fully-fledged key replacement, the Fob controls the electronic door lock and locks your door at the push of a button.

Kwikset Smart Fob as a Bluetooth remote control

If this is lost, it can simply be deactivated via the Kwikset app and can manage resetting a kwikset smart key lock. In the event of loss, you save the cost of key service and lock cylinder replacement. The Fob is also ideal for those who like things to be simple and do not have a smartphone, such as children or some senior citizens.

Smart Little Helper

Hands full with a dog leash, treats or shopping bags? The electronic door lock from Kwikset can automatically open the door for you when you come home from errands or from a walk with your darling. Your smartphone just stays in your pocket and you can devote yourself fully to your four-legged friend.

Black and white dog with Tractive GPS tracker on the collar

Whether for family, friends or sitters - an electronic door lock from resetting a kwikset smart key lock can help you in everyday life with your dog and / or cat. Whether you are at home with your protégé or not, with a combination of Kwikset and Tractive you can count on the fact that your home is a safe place for your four-legged friend.

Make use of the respective apps in order to be able to open / close your front door as you wish, to always have your fur nose in view and to know that it is safe. I have tested the smart door lock from Nuki and so far I cannot find any point that I would really criticize. A point that I would call a no-go. On the contrary, I find it practical in everyday life and feel comfortable.

Advantages of resetting a kwikset smart key lock

But the smart door lock is not an ingenious feature in the eyes of every person. But why is that actually? And what might have to be improved for such door locks to offer a real advantage? I personally see the smart door lock as really practical in some areas as common rooms in apartment buildings, hotel rooms or even universities or colleges.

The digital lock battery

The battery is one of the main advantages of the resetting a kwikset smart key lock. Without a connection to the electricity network, this feature ensures that the lock will remain active even in cases of power failure. With that, there is no need to worry about security under basically any circumstances.

And you don't have to worry about running out of battery in the lock either. It lasts, on average, 10 months, estimating that there are around 10 openings per day, which is a very high number.

There's also no need to worry about unexpected battery shortages. The lock has an indicator and an alert that the battery is low, indicating the ideal time to change it.
resetting a kwikset smart key lock

Resetting a kwikset smart key lock functionalities

In addition to the battery that guarantees the operation of your lock under any circumstances, Samsung digital locks have several other interesting features.

For example, for companies, there is the possibility of associating a master code with up to 70 access cards, or passwords. With this, leaders can maintain the master code, and employees can access with their individual card.


Access can be controlled centrally and there is no risk of losing the key. I personally see a great advantage in this due to resetting a kwikset smart key lock. Because if we assume your smartphone is stolen, you can remove it from the smart door lock and access is no longer possible. With conventional keys, however, the cylinder or even the key system must be replaced.