2021 Best nest yale lock review: Specs, Features & Much More

2021 Best nest yale lock review: Specs, Features & Much More

Nest yale lock review
nest yale lock review

The nest yale lock review. It is a device that uses smart algorithms to protect your home or office from third parties. Main functions; the smart home sphere is becoming more and more popular and develops every year.

Today, smart CCTV cameras and voice assistants are used everywhere, but smart door locks are only gaining consumer confidence. The presence of a smart door lock Nest x Yale Lock on the door will help scare away intruders. You can enter the password to open the door on the dial with which the device is equipped.

How to access all the functions of nest yale lock?

To access all the functions, you need to register an account in the Nest app, purchase an additional Connect or Guard hub and connect it to your home WiFi hotspot. Then you can open and close the door from anywhere in the world. The app is compatible with Google Assistant. Find out the door closing status using voice commands.

Reading our nest yale lock review, you can also create passwords for family members and share home access to your friends. Get alerts when you open a lock try to tamper it and when the battery is low. The Nest x Yale Lock smart door lock is powered by four AA batteries.

Nest yale lock Material

The device is manufactured in a plastic case. The material is durable and protects the device in the temperature range from -30 ° C to 60 ° C outside and -15 ° C to 70 ° C inside.

Nest yale lock Design

The design of the nest yale lock review looks stylish and elegant. Its body is compact, made in the form of a small box, which can be painted in silver, gold or bronze. Choose the option that best suits your interior. Like most similar devices, on the front panel there is a touch panel with numbers for entering a password from the door. On the back there is an automatic door closing mechanism.

The compact gadget will secure your home and prevent the entry of third parties. With it, you can provide access to your home wherever you are. Forgotten keys won't stop you from getting home.


  • Easy to install
  • Nice and elegant design
  • Touch panel and app control
  • Compatible with Google Assistant


  • Not compatible with sliding and glass doors
  • The need for regular battery replacement
  • Lack of rain protection.


Description of Nest x Yale Lock with Nest Connect

Nest x Yale Lock with Nest Connect is a smart door lock that can be opened or closed using your phone or by entering a password on the lock itself. The device connects via Wi-Fi. Thanks to a special application, you can remotely adjust the door lock.

Features of the

  • LED keyboard;
  • privacy mode indicator;
  • equipped with an entrance bell;
  • notifies that someone is opening or closing the door;
  • you can set the time after which the password will expire or remotely block the lock;
  • informs in advance about the need to replace the batteries;
  • runs on four AA batteries;
  • compatible with the smart security system Nest Sсure;
  • when the door is opened by the user, the alarm is turned off automatically;
  • Wi-Fi 802.11b / g / n, 2.4 GHz is required for remote access;
  • external lock size (HxWxD): 11.66 × 6.58 × 1.79 cm;
  • the size of the inner lock (HxWxD): 17.88 × 6.58 × 5.12 cm;
  • weight: 1.03 kg.

Why digital locks have become important?

Digital locks are a modern access control solution. They inhibit violations and are easy to handle and configure for the end user. Even its installation in certain cases proves to be relatively simple. For this reason, some manuals offer the necessary instructions for carrying out the process. This does not mean that there is little care when taking this task. Some risks will naturally be present. That is why in this text we have pointed out 4 advantages of installing your digital lock with an authorized technician.

There are a wide range of reasons to quote nest yale lock review. In summary, all are related to the fact that digital locks require special care. Therefore, a professional who is not authorized by the equipment brand can result in problems. 

Either for not knowing the equipment in depth or because of the benefits that will not be available to the consumer. Stay tuned to the topics below, where we present the reasons for using the authorized ones.

1. Following the manufacturer's recommendations avoids inconvenience

The simplest models can even be installed without difficulty. The user just needs to have practical knowledge in the use of certain tools. As the equipment's complexity increases, however, this becomes inadvisable. 

 nest yale lock review 2021

That is why the manufacturers themselves offer the alert. If something goes wrong during installation, it is likely that the brand and suppliers will not provide coverage.

2. Well-done service

In order to function properly, nest yale lock review require that all measures expressed in the manuals are respected. Imagine that due to a miscalculation or carelessness, the measure of the gap between the door and the jamb was neglected. This means that your lock will not work properly. A job well done and without these risks is a distinction of authorized technicians.

Why choose an authorized technician? Convenience, safety and product warranty

  1. Convenience and security

Even knowing how to handle the tools needed for installation, the customer may be exposing himself to some risks. Especially since it is rare for these people to have protective equipment to use in these activities. 

It should also be borne in mind that in the home, services of this kind are not performed frequently. This means that the installation carried out by the user takes longer than that carried out by the hands of a specialist. In this case, it is much more comfortable and safe to go to an authorized professional.

4. Nest yale lock review Warranty

According to the nest yale lock review, installing by yourself, or looking for any manpower - sometimes unskilled - can be tempting. At first nothing is likely to go wrong and the lock may even appear to operate in perfect condition. However, there is a risk that after a while some problem will happen.

 The disorder can be caused by several reasons, such as technical malpractice. A factory defect may also occur, albeit infrequently.