Nest x yale review 2021: Advantages and Disadvantages

Nest x yale review 2021: Advantages and Disadvantages

Open and close doors from any location with a cell phone

 Nest x yale review

Nest x yale review allows you to manipulate entries and exits remotely, through a platform managed from your cell phone. In addition, by having a connection to a hub, it is possible to link several doors in the same system.

How do digital locks work?

  1. Create and deactivate codes for users

It is possible to generate keys for each user. In this way, despite maintaining several locks linked, the hub makes it possible to connect them individually, maintaining a unique code, without the need to depend on other actions.

  1. Intrusion or violence alarm

Nest x yale review is a passive security element, this means that they do not prevent an intrusion, but they are capable of warning of it, when they are violated and forced to open it, thus fulfilling a function against possible intruders, activating an annoying alarm for the ears.

4. Openings log with nest x yale

With the help of the application we will find a log in which there will be records of the lock openings with it, you will have total control.

To conclude our topic, we can say that buying an electronic lock for our home or premises is a good choice.

Smart locks have long been the future for armored and armored doors. Digitization has reached most homes in different ways; first with the Internet, and then with home automation. Through this technology, voice assistants are incorporated into all kinds of electrical appliances to make our lives easier… And now, the WiFi lock has arrived.

More and more people are opting for smart locks, as they are a very effective method to secure your belongings and your loved ones. Innovation in security is constant, and traditional locks are no longer a problem for friends of others.

What is nest x yale review?


In essence, nest x yale review is a lock that has evolved from the traditional ones; something like a 2.0 lock. In the market you have a large number of options in terms of electronic locks, which have different means and types of opening.

Some of them are easy to open with a smartphone, others with a remote control and others with a fingerprint. The advantage of all of them is that, as you will not need keys, you will never be able to leave them inside the house or lose them. And, in case you are a little forgetful, remember the importance of having good home insurance!

But are electronic locks safe?

This type of locks has an increasing presence in homes. The impulse of new technologies and the rise of home automation have led to electronic opening no longer only being part of warehouses, offices or other spaces where security is a priority, but it has also reached our own homes.

One of the places where you are probably most common to seeing these types of locks is in hotels. Think that in these spaces security is maximum, since suffering a theft in a room would be catastrophic for the establishment in economic and reputational terms.

Which electronic lock to choose? Guide and key points to buy yours

Before you can choose nest x yale review, you must keep in mind some fundamental points so that you can get the lock that best suits your needs. In any case, in order for you to make a completely correct purchase decision, you must pay attention to the following key points so that you can have a lock of the highest quality in your home:

Operating system

In the market you find different models of electronic lock, which have different operating systems. They can be opened by card, remote control, password, biometric or with mobile apps.

You must choose the system that best suits what you are looking for and thus you will achieve that you can have good results. In any case, you must choose one that meets your expectations, and thus you can achieve the expected results.

You should be careful if you are careless, especially since in these cases remote controls or cards are not the best option. For this reason, you can choose a model that is easy to control through an App on your mobile.

Installation of nest x yale

It is another important point that you should keep in mind, especially since there are two types of nest x yale review. The first and most common is the electronic overlay, with which you will have to install directly on the door using screws so that you can always have great results. These work as secondary to traditional locks thus reinforcing security.

On the other hand, there are also built-in lock systems, which are installed inside the door. These are only compatible with doors that have a greater thickness, and that are made of wood and steel, so that you can have the desired results. In these cases, the current handle must be replaced with an electronic one, so that it can have a good operation.

Auditory alerts

It is important to note that locks can currently incorporate audible alerts, with which better results can be achieved. These alerts will let you know when the door opens or closes so that you can always have greater security.

They also incorporate audible alerts that let you know when the battery level is very low, allowing you to replace them quickly. This will allow you to prevent the lock from locking due to lack of battery and you will be locked in.


The design is also something important that you must take into consideration especially because you must choose one that perfectly suits your tastes. In general, these offer a technological design, and others are much more elegant or robust.

You must choose a nest x yale review color that perfectly suits your door, so that it does not clash and is in harmony. Therefore, you should try to match the lock with the style of your door, so that you have a much more optimal finish.


When talking about an electronic lock, it will allow you to access your home through technological means. This type of lock works through different types of connections so that it can perform well.