Advantages and Disadvantages of Nest X Yale Lock Review

Advantages and Disadvantages of Nest X Yale Lock Review

Nest x yale lock review about electronic locks. We often know them as smart or smart locks.

What is nest x yale lock review?

This is a lock that allows the guest to open the door on their own through a mobile application or using a code.

Yes, many hosts say - you need to meet in person with the guests, sign an agreement with them, photograph the documents and the guest, and take a deposit.

Risks are possible, but where they are not.

But think - how much will you pay to minimize these risks? Moreover, how much time will you pay for waiting for your greeter or how much will you spend your own time? Similarly, we cannot count the nerves at all, so it is better not to worry too much.

As a last resort, do not forget about the nest x yale lock review or you can always insure your home with different insurance companies.

Locks are different in functionality. We will try to tell you about 5 of them used by our users.Nest X Yale Lock Review

Nest x yale lock review

The nest x yale lock review offers various options for burglary protection. In order to prevent cybercriminals from obtaining a code by fingerprints on the keyboard, there is an option to set false numeric values. 

In case of 5 false attempts to enter the PIN-code, the device blocked for a couple of minutes. If thieves want to remove the lock from the door, it will give a loud signal that will surely attract the attention of you or your neighbors.

Note that the nest x yale lock smart lock comes with a touch-sensitive code panel and boasts a hidden cylinder for a standard key. To open the lock, you will need to enter the code through the application or use the key. 

How does nest x yale lock work?

Generally, the device closes automatically. There is an opportunity to close from the inside of the room so that outsiders cannot enter, knowing the PIN-code or using a mobile utility. In a situation where the power supply unit is completely discharged, it is advisable to use 1 battery "Krona" DC9V, which will provide emergency door opening.

Call the smartlock sellers or try to install it yourself. There are nuances in the thickness of the door (no more than 6.5 cm) and the absence of crossbars from above and below.

Nest x yale lock review Pro

The nest x yale lock review is easy to install as it does not need to replace the existing locking mechanism (although it does not fit all door lock configurations). 

Purchase of branded product is available separately. After its installation, the safety increases significantly. Moreover, this smart lock, like all other products in the series, for the purpose of remote control requires the purchase of a separate module that provides communication with Wi-Fi.

Benefits of nest x yale lock review:

  • The versatility of the locking mechanism is not only a lock, but also a bell and a surveillance camera at the same time;
  • The opening is done in 3 ways - with a key, using a code or using a mobile application;
  • The door is easy at a remote distance, even while in another country
  • Available assignment of codes for each visitor with the definition of validity;
  • Synchronization with airbnb is possible,
  • The video camera records the movement near the door.


  • It is an overlay for an ordinary lock (a standard deadbolt is suitable), which Russian manufacturers are reluctant to install on their doors;
  • Moreover, it requires special settings and perfect fit of the door;
  • Batteries need to be changed 2 times a month;
  • Similarly, there is no technical support service in Russia;
  • Even despite the convenience of the code panel, 10% of visitors have difficulty opening.

What are some important functions of nest x yale lock?


  • Works on batteries and lasts for about a year;
  • Convenient panel;
  • There is a doorknob unlike other Samsung versions;
  • Easy to install, you only need a drill and a screwdriver to install.

  • No app and doesn't sync with airbnb;
  • Cannot be opened with a mechanical key.

Does Google own nest x yale lock?

The nest x yale lock review (now owned by Google), which is famous for making thermostats for use in the home, has partnered with locking mechanism company Yale to show customers a smart home lock called the Nest x Yale Lock. You do not need keys to open.

 The device pairs with the Nest Hello mechanism, sold separately. Moreover, the add-on includes a face recognition camera, ringer and microphone. With this innovative arsenal, you can easily identify who is on your doorstep - a friend or a stranger.

Notifications are sent to the smartphone. Being indoors, without getting up from the couch, you can form a voice command to open the door.

There is no way to drill, knock down or break a smart device. A C-class drum system equipped with a threaded ring is introduced into the locking mechanism. If you use Aqara Smart up to 10 times a day, the battery will last for 6 months.

Application Support

 Nest X Yale Lock Review 2021

We can control smartlocks remotely thanks to applications, as well as monitoring entrances and exits. If you want it to alert you in any situation, it can do so with the iOS and Android apps.

Receiving Alerts on Smartphone

Nest x yale lock review will send an alert to your phone when it detects someone trying to break in. Apart from alerting your smartphone when someone tries to break in or tamper with the smart lock, it can automatically notify the police or security service in such cases.

Access Restrictions Settings

You can set access restrictions for each login code you specify. With these restrictions, you can ensure that code holders can access your home or office at the times you approve.

If you want to buy latest smart locks for your home, you can contact nearest reliable seller.