How to kwikset premis touchscreen smart lock? See 5 tips to assist in purchasing

How to kwikset premis touchscreen smart lock? See 5 tips to assist in purchasing

kwikset premis touchscreen smart lock
The kwikset premis touchscreen smart lock offers a number of advantages over traditional locks, such as increased security. After all, as they have no apparent lock, they cannot be easily broken into. Investing in a digital lock is keeping your home more protected? But, with so many models available on the market, how to choose a digital lock?

Thinking to assist you at the time of purchase, we selected some information about the main characteristics of a digital lock. Check out below the tips that can help you in choosing the product that best suits your needs.

5 tips on how to choose a digital lock

1) Consider the access flow

One of the first things to consider about digital locks is that there are models with different user and password registration capabilities. So, consider the flow of access you have and see which locks meet your need.

Simpler kwikset premis touchscreen smart lock, with password opening, often allow few entries. Models with other opening methods - such as TAG or biometrics - usually allow between 20 and 100 registered users.

2) Assess the type of door

The thickness of the door on which you intend to install the lock is also a very important point. Digital recessed locks, for example, require surfaces at least 30 mm thick.

On the other hand, overlap locks require less thickness. Therefore, they can be installed even on glass doors. Although the installation thickness is minimal, remember to check this limit before making the purchase.

3) Analyze the kwikset premis touchscreen smart lock opening system

The way the kwikset premis touchscreen smart lock opens or locks the door can also vary from model to model. In this sense, it is possible to find options in the market that open the door through a password, proximity card, and biometrics and cell phone applications.

4) Compare features

Of course, the main function of the digital lock is to open and close doors for maximum security. So, when thinking about how to choose a digital lock it is nice to check the additional features.

In this sense, many models can offer additional features such as automatic locking, intruder and tampering alarm, do not disturb function, high temperature detection, low battery warning and many others.

5) Estimate the cost-benefit of kwikset premis touchscreen smart lock

As we said, digital locks can have numerous additional features. And the more services they offer, the higher the cost. Therefore, at the time of choosing, estimate the cost-benefit most favorable to your needs.

The kwikset premis touchscreen smart lock, for example, is a favorite of those looking for security at a good price. The overlay model has a numeric password opening, in addition to a discreet and compact design.

See some of the advantages of using a smart lock

It is not necessary to make copies of keys

One of the problems with traditional doors is the keys and their terrible ease of loss, in addition, each member of the residence must have at least one copy of each. With smart locks, the release of access is more efficient, through biometrics, codes or passwords typed in the lock itself, facial recognition and other ways that do not require the use of traditional locksmiths.

Different scenarios for each access

Something very smart that this lock offers for the environment and for the people who choose to install them in their home are the different scenarios for each person who has this access.

For example, when a specific person enters the house, they can choose a lamp that will light at the same time that they open the door. This works in different ways for each resident, just that each one chooses which room he / she wants to have clarity when entering.

Time card operation of touchscreen smart lock

If you have an employee in your home, they will have access to that lock as well, which will act as a time card.


For example, if this employee has to enter work at 9 am and leave at 4 pm, he will have access to the environment only at those times. In the case of employees who work only once a week, they will have access only on that day and respective times.

Digital lock: more security for your home!

Security is a paramount item for any property. And the kwikset premis touchscreen smart lock is an item that helps in the protection and convenience of home and family. With the technology that is produced it is possible to stop using the keys and use passwords or access card.

The digital lock has been gaining space in the market, configuring a more assertive option for those who want peace and security. Therefore, nowadays, it is an item of paramount importance in all types of homes.

Understand the importance of acquiring a digital lock these days     

It is a fact that the digital lock provides greater security for your property. For those who crave greater safety, comfort and practicality, it is an excellent option. Nowadays, this is an item that is increasingly requested in the market due to the accessibility and security that the device provides.

It is not a luxury object, but a necessary precaution.  Moreover, it is not only security that the lock provides. It is possible to have more comfort, exclusive design, sophistication and other benefits.

Check out all the advantages of having a digital lock

Simple installation

One of the main advantages of the digital lock is that it is simple to install. Anyone, having the manual in hand, can do the installation following the step by step.

Another important point to be highlighted is that it can be installed in the most diverse types of doors. This is a great benefit, because if you have a wooden or glass door, for example, you can count on the lock.

No need for keys in kwikset premis touchscreen smart lock

Another great advantage of the kwikset premis touchscreen smart lock is the fact that it does not require the use of keys. It is quite common to leave the house and wonder if you left the door open or not. The digital lock works by means of passwords or by means of an approach card.

Imagine going to the gym or the supermarket without worrying about where you left your keys? It is a lot of convenience and security.


In addition to the security factor, practicality is another great advantage of a digital lock. For example, if you are going for a run or walking your pet, you don't have to worry about carrying the keys.

In addition, how many times have you been through this situation or heard from someone you know: going out to work and halfway through you don't remember if you locked your door and needed to go back to check it out?

This does not happen with the digital lock, as it has automatic locking.

kwikset premis touchscreen smart lock 2021

Non-transferable access

Each resident of the house can register a password. In addition, if there is an employee who is going to work at the home or office, it is possible to create a specific one and then, if he is no longer working at the location, it is possible to delete the password. So you can secure any place with kwikset premis touchscreen smart lock.