How to operate Airbnb keypad with an app in 2021?

How to operate Airbnb keypad with an app in 2021?

We can control our sockets and the airbnb keypad via smartphone. The music can be distributed anywhere in the house and it can be managed and played using the smartphone or tablet. We can switch on an indoor surveillance camera via the Internet and view the live images. Moreover, the house is still locked in the classic way with a key.


Door lock with key

We are not yet equipped with an electronic door lock. I am of the opinion that more and more houses and apartments are being equipped with this technology. In this article I want to tell you about the benefits and technologies. Can airbnb keypad be more secure than the usual variant?

Features electronic airbnb keypad

An electronic door lock can be retrofitted in almost every house. Furthermore, there are key features that distinguish it from a normal door lock:

Access - no key is required to open the door. Depending on the selected opening system, the door is opened with a card, a code, and biometric data or via an app. Electronic door locks that can be opened with a card are also common in my office building. With the appropriate access authorizations, I can also open other doors with my card. Similarly, this is very convenient as I no longer need any keys.

Electronic airbnb keypad

To open the door airbnb keypad, all I have to do is hold my card up to the knob and turn it in the appropriate direction. Closing works in the same way. I can tell whether I have the necessary authorization for this door by the fact that the LEDs light up green (see picture) when I hold my ID in front of the rotary knob. If the LEDs are red, I have not been given permission to open the door.

Ø Lock cylinder

It is the door itself no longer has a visible lock cylinder. The locking mechanism, which is operated by the system, is located in the door.  Furthermore, drilling open the door lock or other forms of break-in attempts are no longer feasible.

Ø Control

It is the entire system is controlled by the electric door lock. Depending on the manufacturer, the opener can be combined with an app. A big advantage is that the airbnb keypad can be combined directly with the alarm system and other forms of surveillance. You can see exactly when the door was opened and by whom.

Ø Suitable for smart homes

They are the electronic door lock is absolutely ideal for smart single-family houses, as it can be linked to the entire system. The lighting can be switched off completely as soon as the front door is closed from the outside, but also devices that should not be connected to the electricity when you are not present can be disconnected from the electricity in this way.


It is always important to remember that an electronic door lock works with electricity. And problems could arise here:

Ø House electricity

If the airbnb keypad runs completely on the house electricity and has no buffer of its own, at least an ordinary door lock should still be available - otherwise a power failure can lead to the door being closed during this time. However, many systems have a battery.

Ø Attention:

It must also be possible to bypass a possibly existing electric door opener in the event of a power failure.

Ø Battery

With battery or battery locks, the battery level must be kept in mind. However, modern electrical locking systems take these problems into account and have their own solution strategies.

Advantages of the electronic door lock

In addition to convenient opening and closing, the airbnb keypad offers other advantages.

Ø Loss of keys

This is a real nuisance, especially in apartment buildings with a locking system. If the key is lost, the key must be replaced for the entire tenant and the system exchanged. With an electronic door lock, the problem is a thing of the past, because even with locks with transponders, the lost transponder can be blocked.

It becomes useless in no time. Moreover, if other access methods are common, the affected resident can still enter the house.

Ø Restriction of access airbnb keypad

This point also applies to apartment buildings. How often does it happen that tenants have umpteen keys copied and in the end do not return them all? With airbnb keypad, illegal key copies can be excluded. With the termination of a tenancy agreement, tenants are canceled all access rights via software. Transponders that are not returned will be deactivated.

Ø Security airbnb keypad

The lock offers increased security as different access options can be combined with one another. Depending on the lock, fingerprints, numeric codes or opening via app can be selected - and combined with transponders. Correct attachment and a good lock are of course important.

In a smart home, the locks naturally have their greatest advantages, as they can be linked to the alarm devices or technical equipment:

Ø Restriction –

Transponders or individual access codes can be given restrictions. The neighbor takes care of the house while on vacation, but should only go into certain areas? It is now possible.

Ø Child safety

The children can of course move around freely in the house, but shouldn't they watch TV or switch on the Playstation in the afternoon? The smart airbnb keypad with electronic door lock recognizes who is at home based on the access code - and locks the TV or Playstation based on the parents' information.

Ø Stove off

Everyone has asked himself the question. The electronic door lock built into the smartphone can be programmed so that certain devices automatically switch off the power when the front door has been locked from the outside.
airbnb keypad 2021

What is the technology behind it?

Various technologies can be behind the locks. In the simplest variant, a so-called transponder is common, in which a code for the respective user is inserted. This “key” variant can be linked to other technologies. These depend on the manufacturer and the selected airbnb keypad:

Ø Biometrics

Many systems can be common with a fingerprint sensor or with face recognition.

Ø Code airbnb keypad

 The opening works with a numerical code. The following applies here: The code is often on the back of the device and must therefore be changed.

Ø App

A number of locks can also be opened using the app.