How to make a smart home with the best smart lock?

How to make a smart home with the best smart lock?

Best smart lock

The best smart lock is an item that is part of much of the new North American and European homes. With excellent cost-benefit, the device is the last frontier of the Internet of Things (IoT) that is slowly beginning to gain accession here in many countries. Control iD, the market leader in access controllers and time clocks, is preparing to launch its line of smartlocks.

What does an intelligent electronic lock consist of?

Basically, it is a “normal” lock, which is easily installed on the door of the house or commercial establishment. What sets it apart from other locks is the form of access.

Instead of keys, there are several other forms of access, much more security and practices.

Some models, for example, allow integration with the cell phone, via bluetooth or wifi. So, just approach the door that it opens on its own.

Did you forget your cell phone or did your phone unload?

No problem. Some best smart lock also have keypads for entering passwords or allow the placement of a “normal” key so that the door can open. Biometric identification, of course, is also present among the options.

And since we are talking about IoT, it is possible to synchronize the electronic lock with other items in the house, such as lighting and electronics. In this way, it is enough to enter the residence for the lights to access the interior of the house to be turned on or the gas to be turned on to start heating the water in the shower.

There are also models compatible with virtual personal assistants, such as Alexa. Thus, your assistant can also have the door opened and closed, according to your commands.

Smart lock: technology can do even more

Smartlocks are capable of generating specific entry codes for you to "lend" to some people, such as service providers or guests at a party. The codes can also be removed, quickly and intuitively.

It is obvious that some care is needed. Best smart lock can be programmed to lock the door automatically when the user leaves the residence. Another need is to program the system to detect accidents or panic situations, such as an attempted robbery. To do this, simply program a specific command related to a monitoring system.

Anyway, there is no doubt that smartlocks are more efficient than conventional keys, which can be lost, cloned or need to be changed with each change of resident.

See the main features of the best smart lock

One of the main features of the digital lock is the password entry method, as briefly mentioned above. For this, users can choose passwords ranging from 4 to 12 digits.

This means that each person who has access to the environment can choose a different password and with a different number of digits. What provides greater security against attempts to guess the password?

In addition, another interesting and important feature that the best smart lock offers is the diversity of the access mode. Below are some of the main types of access that digital locks offer users.

Access methods of best smart lock

Each model has different access methods. There are options for digital locks that support access by opening card, in addition to a password.

Another access method that you can find in these types of locks is by proximity card. This method frees access when the card is approached from the lock panel, without the user having to do anything else.


In addition, some models offer emergency key access. This works in a subsidiary way, especially in cases where there is a problem with the main access method.

Within that, the ideal is that you choose the model that best meets the need for security of the location. In general, one of the most secure models is that it only offers password access.

Because of that, there is no way to circumvent the entrance with the risk of losing the access key or card and allowing someone else to enter the environment.

Locking methods

The lock can be programmed to support one of the available locking methods. The first of these is automatic locking. With this, the user releases the entry with the password and a sensor present in the lock causes the lock to occur automatically.

This option is ideal for locations with a lot of access and that may occur if users do not perform the lock properly.

In addition, it is possible to configure the lock to lock manually. This option offers free passage and the user performs the lock itself.

In addition, another best smart lock locking method is by touching the panel. Thus, the user performs a simple touch and programs the locking of the lock when the door closes.

In this way, users can choose the best method and the one that most identifies with the type of access of the location.

Different designs

Another characteristic of this type of lock is that there are different types of design. Some are more robust, others more delicate.

In models with card access and access key, there is a kind of lever at the bottom of the panel. In addition, the designs are usually black. This facilitates the combination of the lock with the rest of the facade of the place.Best smart lock 2021

In addition, an important feature in the design of digital locks is the clean concept. They have only the panel for entering the digits and are not striking.

Alarm types

Another feature that you need to consider in order to choose the best smart lock is the types of alarm.

Some models offer different alarms and for different situations, such as:

  • Access denied;
  • Anti-theft;
  • Open door;
  • fire;
  • Burglary.

With this, the safety of the environment is more guaranteed, because with audible warnings, users, residents or even site security, are able to verify the occurrence of any problem.

When to choose to use a digital lock?

The digital lock can be installed on any door; there are no restrictions on use. This allows you to freely choose locations for installation.

In general, the most recommended places for this type of best smart lock are residential, houses, condominiums, companies, industries and environments where there is more intense circulation of people.

This is because; the security level of these locks is much higher than common locks that use keys.

Common locks are very susceptible to break-ins using standard keys. Digital locks, however, do not use locking technology and much more superior access.