How to connect lockly smartthings with Wi-Fie? Simple Guide

How to connect lockly smartthings with Wi-Fie? Simple Guide

How does an electronic door lock work?


As the name suggests, an electronic door lock is not opened with a conventional house key, but with a special electronic mechanism. Lockly smartthings vary from system to system and ranges from fingerprints to opening via Bluetooth to entering codes. If your electronic door lock comes with the mobile phone, additional functions are easy to integrate in addition to simply unlocking the door:

Wi-Fi locks connected to an app can show who is already at home.

Thanks to the WLAN lock, access authorizations are easy to grant. For example, if you are expecting a technician, you don't have to stay at home for him; you can send him access authorization on his smartphone. This means that he - and only he - can enter the house using his smartphone within a period of time specified by you.

Your electronic door lock is easy to connect to the smart home. In this way, you can program that lights, heating and the like are on shortly before you arrive at home. Lockly smartthings can now also be opened by voice control. For security reasons, you should think twice about this.

What types of electronic door locks are there?

There are different systems for electronic door locks, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. You will find a large selection of the most tried and tested systems in our online shop. In the following you will get an initial overview.

Code locks: best lockly smartthings

Code locks are not the latest addition, but they are still very popular. An individual code has good programming here, which must then be entered to unlock. The best lockly smartthings to do is to save this code in your head, so nobody can access it that quickly. As a precaution, however, it is worthwhile to write down the code and always have it with you in an emergency.

What is RFID?

RFID stands for radio frequency identification. Using a transponder that looks like a car key, the access authorization is checked on the contact device on the door by transmitting data on radio frequency. If the information on your transponder chips matches that in the contact device, your electronic door lock will be unlocked.

Unlocking via card works in a similar way. This is known primarily from hotels or airports. This system can also provide more security on private house doors.

Unlocking lockly smartthings via smartphone

The most obvious way to proceed with lockly smartthings is with a smartphone. If the mobile phone is switched on and Bluetooth activate, the electric door lock is unlocked as soon as the owner comes near the front door. You can grant access authorizations to selected persons via smartphone.

Lockly smartthings by biometric unlock

This type of electronic door lock is the most spacey and probably reminds you of agent films: door unlocking by fingerprint or faces recognition.

With the fingerprint lock, the finger comes on a reader and the door is unlocked after checking that it matches. In the case of a lock with face recognition, the entire face is scanned and the door is opened again according to the data contained in the reader.


In any case, you can pair your intelligent lockly smartthings with a video screen. So you can always see who is at the door in the house. This also works when you are out and about: Connect your mobile phone to the lock and you will receive pictures that document the activities on your doorstep.

Electronic door locks: what are the advantages and disadvantages?

Before you buy your electronic door lock, think about the advantages and disadvantages. Depending on the system, these are different and may make your decision easier.

The disadvantages

There are disadvantages with almost everything - including electronic door locks. The first disadvantage to mention is that of the technology: This can strike from time to time. If your electric door lock suddenly stops working, there is still the option of using the tried and tested house key.

This is still operational despite the electric door lock. Even if lockly smartthings is more secure than conventional locks, misuse can also occur here. Especially with an unlocking mechanism via smartphone, hacker attacks on the corresponding cell phone can quickly grant the wrong person access to the house. A smartphone that you lose also means potential risk of break-in by whoever finds the smartphone.

The advantages of best lockly smartthings

Where there are disadvantages, there are also advantages. There are enough of these with electronic door locks. The first clear advantage that every type of electronic door lock has is the elimination of an additional key. Often times, you have a key for every door you go through every day. With lockly smartthings on your front door, you can at least save the key there.

With technologies such as face recognition or fingerprints, you don't need any utensils to unlock - except for your face or fingers. This makes the problem of forgetting password or transponder harmless. This alternative also eliminates potential theft scenarios. If you unlock your front door using a code, finger or face recognition, there is no key, chip or transponder for thieves to break into your front door.

Electronic door lock: worth knowing

In the following you will find, so to speak, the guidebook in the guidebook for further details worth knowing about assembly and co.:

Ø Assembly:

In principle, electronic door locks or lockly smartthings are easy to install. They are easy to install without the need for a technician. We at Safe Hero would be happy to support you with our experience and know-how when installing your electronic door lock.
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Ø Batteries:

 The batteries in both the lock and the associated devices must be replaced about once a year in order to ensure that they are fully functional

Ø Emergency function:

 If the technology fails and the old house key cannot be common to open the door for systemic reasons, an emergency system is important. Depending on the system, this is easy to integrate from the start.

Ø Safety factor:

Electronic door locks are more secure compared to conventional locks. Burglars are more likely to shy away from a digitally controllable door lock than one that is easy to open with a crowbar.