Google Nest yale Lock Review: Smartlocks Faqs 2021

Google Nest yale Lock Review: Smartlocks Faqs 2021

Google Nest yale Lock Review
With this article I will analyze the advantages and limitations of the google nest yale lock review trying to deepen all the aspects related to:

  • reasons for choosing a motorized cylinder
  • practical operation of the smartlock and its installation
  • questions about usage and safety

Let's start from the beginning: What is a smartlock?

These are two English terms that stand for Intelligent Lock, as you can well understand an intelligent lock is a system that can easily perform complex actions following our simple command.

A smart lock can, for example:

  • insert the door sends
  • Moreover, it can deactivate them
  • In addition, it can communicate with our mobile phone and
  • with the home automation system, also integrating with the digital assistants of google, amazon or microsoft.

For whom is a smart lock not suitable?

Google nest yale lock review is not suitable for those who are not familiar with the internet and new technologies. For those who use the telephone only for calls and at most text messages. And above all for those who do not have confidence in the electronic version of tested mechanical systems.

The remaining 80% of users can safely use smart locks

Why choose google nest yale lock review?

The main reason is to eliminate the burden and use of physical keys. Moreover, these are always numerous, heavy and subject to theft or loss.

The locks are easy to activate with a mobile phone, rfid cards, and fingerprint or remotely thanks to wi-fi

Furthermore, they are further used in B & Bs for automatic self-check-in or in shared offices to guarantee access at set times. .

How does the Google nest yale smart lock work?

The operation of google nest yale lock review is very simple. The motor that is inside the Google nest yale has a kind of groove, a housing of the key head of the European cylinder.

When the motor turns, it turns the key and that's how the magic of automation happens.

Smart locks with bluetooth and wifi door opener App

The Google nest yale lock can be activated from the outside with different opening modes:

  • With your smartphone by downloading the dedicated app
  • Similarly, with the Google nest yale Fob bluetooth key fob remote control
  • With the external bluetooth keypad Google nest yale Keypad
  • Moreover, with internet remotely thanks to the Bridge device
  • Opening via GPS location
  • With traditional keys

Lock with wireless opening with App on the mobile phone

Once you have downloaded the application, you need to pair the phone with the lock, the operation is very simple and intuitive.

At this stage I don't want to bore you with the details of all the steps but I show you the video of the explanations just to get you an idea.

The app will ask you to set the lock by doing a few opening and closing cycles.

  • Google nest yale Fob bluetooth remote control
  • Google nest yale smart wifi motorized cylinder lock
  • Moreover, Google nest yale Fob is the remote control you can use to open the smart lock.

By pressing a simple button on the remote control, the lock will open after a few seconds. (Google nest yale technicians could work on this delay between pressing the button and activating the lock to make it more immediate).

Of course, the remote control must be connected to the google nest yale lock review. Similarly, to do this simply use the app and follow the instructions.

Google nest yale smart wifi motorized cylinder lock

Ideal solution for seniors and children and also for those who do not want to wait in front of the door. It is for the time to take their mobile phone and open the app.


If you have several Google nest yale locks with the same remote control, you can open all the smart locks up to a maximum of 100 Google nest yale

The remote control, given its small size, can be used as a keychain.


Google Nest yale Lock Review 2021
Below is a list of the questions that are most often asked about the google nest yale lock review and its operation:

Can we install google nest yale lock on all doors?
It is ideal for normal doors and frames while for mounting on armored doors it would be advisable to do it only on those equipped with a gear lock as they have a more fluid movement with less resistance.
With traditional locks, the ones that click when the key is turned, the battery life is significantly shortened.

Which type of lock can I use, is double bit okay?
The only lock that can be used with the Google nest yale is the European cylinder, the double bit cannot be automated with the smart lock.

Can the Google nest yale smart lock be connected to the mains?
The lock works only with batteries. We cannot connect it to the electricity supply. We cannot do this to recharge the batteries that must simply be replaced when they have run down.

How do I know if the batteries are running low?

, the app will notify us of the message to replace the batteries.

Instead of the key / key cylinder I have the cylinder with the internal knob, can this fit?
Yes, that's fine, the only care is to also order the adapter to use Google nest yale with cylinders with internal tang. The adapter is free.

I have a cylinder that protrudes more than 5 mm from the inside; do I have problems fitting it?
No, the smart lock simply distances itself further from the door panel, aesthetically it is not the best but the functionality is not compromised.

On the other hand, if I am inside the house and the batteries are flat, how can I get out?
To exit, you can simply manually turn the round part of the google nest yale lock review which acts as a rotating knob.