Google nest lock review: How to activate smart lock?

Google nest lock review: How to activate smart lock?
Google nest lock review

Today we are going to google nest lock review an interesting product. But at the same time that leaves some perplexity in terms of safety, namely the Google nest intelligent lock. What is it about? We are talking about a network-connected smart lock. It integrates with the traditional door lock of the house and that we can control by smartphones, Alexa and Google home voice assistants and even IFTTT.

Indeed, the smart lock market is relatively new and we are really still in its infancy. There are currently 5.6 different brands of smart locks on the market that basically offer the same functionality. What is the use of having a smart lock?


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Google nest lock review

The Google nest smart lock is sold with or without a bridge but since this is necessary for its integration with the home router, I will talk about the google nest lock review, i.e. the kit containing a lock and the bridge.

Basically Google nest Smart Lock is a mechanism. It comes on the internal lock of the door and through a small motor turns the key in the lock allowing:

  • to open and close a door lock via smartphone via Bluetooth or via the Google nest Fob remote control (sold separately)
  • to open and close the lock by entering a six-digit code on the Keypad (sold separately)
  • with bridge connection to remotely control a door lock

Google nest Smart Lock is powered by 4 AA batteries and has autonomy declared by the manufacturer of about 6 months (the app will warn you when the batteries are low).

How does google nest lock work?

For greater security, the remote connection with the Google nest device is encrypted with a 32-byte key.

Google nest intelligent opening

Google nest Smart Lock must house the door key inside to control the lock. We cannot use this device on some doors with internal knob instead of the lock unless the knob removes.


 In this regard, consult us. In addition, some doors cannot accommodate Google nest; on this page you will find guidelines for determining whether or not a door is compatible with the Google nest automatic lock.

Google nest Smart Lock installation

The installation of the Google nest smart opening is quite simple and does not require holes in the door. Google nest Smart Lock comes on the inside of the door. You will first need to fix the google nest device on the door using one of the two supplied supports.

 The choice of one bracket rather than the other depends on the type of lock you have in the house. And then proceed with the configuration using the google nest app from a smartphone (in this guide you will find the step-by-step configuration).

The google nest lock review configuration will allow you to detect and assign a name to the Google nest smart lock, to connect it via a bridge to the home network and, if necessary, to define the people who can control the lock.

Test Google nest smart lock

Once installation and configuration are complete, you will be immediately ready to use the Google nest intelligent opening via app via Bluetooth near the door or remotely if the door is connected to the home router via a bridge.

The Google nest Bridge has the task of making the google nest device communicate with the router. And it connects via Bluetooth to the google nest lock and via wifi to the router. The direct wifi connection from the google nest lock to the home wifi would have been detrimental to the battery life, so the choice to use a bridge.

Google nest bridge

The use of the bridge also allows you to use the intelligent opening directly from google home or Alexa or even via IFTTT. To integrate this smart lock with Alexa it is necessary to use the Google nest Smart Home skill. The integration with Alexa is currently very poor because it only allows you to close the lock and check its status, but how could it be otherwise.
Google nest lock review

How to execute voice command on google nest lock?

It would be absurd to allow a voice command via google nest lock review to open the front door. Any person even from outside the apartment could easily open the door. And from here the big doubt opens up about the security of the smart lock in general. But we will talk about this at the end of this review.

Once this smart lock has been installed, the door can no longer be opened from the outside with the key because there will always be a physically inserted key inside the lock. What does this mean? That if you go home and your cell phone is empty then you will not be able to enter. For this reason it is recommended to also buy a Google nest Fob remote control.

Does google nest lock create noise?

The google nest lock review opening motor is less noisy than other smart openings and appears to be more reliable. Obviously you will have to help him by always keeping the lock well lubricated. Overall, this smart lock is well made and reliable.

The app is well done but some features are still under development (for example the part reserved for the door sensor). From the main screen of the app, the door open and close button is very large and convenient to use.

On the other hand, the procedure for assigning other people the ability to open the door is rather complicated. The basic idea is to completely eliminate the keys by giving all family members the privilege of opening and closing the door.

How to activate google nest lock?

The Lock 'n' Go function can be activated from the central button of the Google nest. Practically this function opens the door and closes it after 20 seconds; then you have plenty of time to go out and you will be sure that the door will be closed automatically afterwards; I found this function extremely convenient.

In my opinion, one of the great defects of google nest lock review is the slowness in opening the door; having to take the mobile phone, open the app and press the button and then wait 5/10 seconds makes the waiting times for opening a door really excessive.