Geek Smart Door Lock vs. Kevo Lock Review 2021

Geek Smart Door Lock vs. Kevo Lock Review 2021

 Views regarding Smart Locks

With the rise in demand for safety measures, many people are looking for smart solutions that are tech-savvy.  Smart locks like kevo lock review are an accurate example of hi-tech safety precautions. The market floods with different kinds of smart locks and doors. They include advanced companies providing locks like Geek Smart door lock, kevo lock review, and many more.

Moreover, smart locks like kevo lock review are making life much easier and safer.  This is the smartest way to keep intruders at bay without involving many technicalities.  Many people are demanding locking systems that require easy installation and operation. 


Smart locks allow easy installation and always keep safety in check.  The numbers of companies that are offering Smart Lock solutions make it difficult to choose the right one.   This can often become a rather bothersome task if one has no prior knowledge about Smart Locks.

The Best Kind of Smart Locks

 All the advancements happening in every field of life that involves technology always focuses on making life easier. Smart Lock is one such commodity that serves the dual purpose of making life easy and safe.  The reason they are called smart locks is that one can make use of them even if the door is left unlocked.  It can even facilitate your family and relatives in entering your home in your absence if the need arises.

Smart locks are a contemporary take over the traditional locks we used to have.  They are especially useful in cases where there are a lot of visits and where people forget to lock the door after they leave.  These locks have the tendency to latch and secure once someone enters or leaves. 

Nowadays more modern smart locks come with built-in security cameras and even speakers. Hence, when installing one of these smart locks at your place you need to consider a few things.  These might affect the functionality and working of these locks in the future. The following things will help you decide the right kind of smart lock for you.

Installation of Smart Locks

When you are deciding on installing a smart lock always look for easy installation techniques. The earlier locks available in the market were a combination of wires and keypads.  But, the latest versions have extremely smart systems that go hand in hand with wireless solutions on the go.

All you need to do is remove your earlier lock system completely and attach the smart lock using the provided bolts.  Most of the smart locks operate on battery hence there is no hassle of wires and connections. You can even install these all by yourself without calling in for a handyman.  This is why they are such a simple yet useful piece of technology.

Keypads and Keyways of Smart Locks

Moreover, smart locks have digital keypads.  The major reason behind having digital keypads is that it makes the entire system free of physical keys.  Just by entering your desired code, you can set the door to open at your fingertips. 

You can even share this code with your loved ones to use at their leisure or in case of emergencies. It even has emergency reserves in case you forget the code or the lock breakdowns in some way. Its super easy battery-operated keypad is changeable and gives an ultimate key-less safe experience.

Integration of Technology with Smart Locks

Although the smart lock systems come with in-built accessories like keypads and wireless connections, there are some add-ons available readily. Some of these include connecting your smart lock with Wi-Fi systems. This way you can access your smart lock even if you aren’t present there physically.

Furthermore, smart locks are Integra-table with other smart systems like cameras, lights, and voice controllable. For a user to start using a smart lock one doesn’t need prior hi-tech systems. Any door lock is convertible to a smart lock.

A couple of these following examples are showcasing the best smart locks that are readily available with several qualities.

Kwikset Kevo Lock Review

The Kwikset Kevo Lock Review is a circular smart lock with a light blue trace around the center. It encircles the main part that makes it a smart lock. This is a 2nd generation smart lock with the easiest kind of installation that goes through each step vividly. It has earned the reputation of having a user-friendly interface due to these qualities.

Another of its reining qualities is that it has the technology that operates with a touch of your hand. It operates dually. This means it can be opened using a physical key as well as a hand touch.  This is indeed a smart idea that incorporates technology at an amazing level. This is almost as if using a biometric system for unlocking your door. You can easily place a limit on the number of people who can access the door with their touch. This gives your door lock a personal touch.

Geek Smart Door Lock

The smart Door Lock is a fingerprint-operated device.  It provides a very high level of security and you can even control it using your mobile app.  Just a simple Wi-Fi connection can establish a sturdy relationship between your door smart lock and phone.

This is an instant installation device that just makes use of tools that are readily available at your home. It gives a keyless experience to the users yet a chic look to your home entrance.

Geek-Technology is providing a variety of smart lock solutions with adequate warranties and even installation services.


It is a part of our basic human nature to demand security and safe premises.    We need to feel safe especially in our homes.  And what is safer than installing Smart Locks right at your entrances.  Using smart locks is an intelligent way of securing your surroundings.  These Smart Locks have different varieties that make use of fingerprints, keypads, and other hi-tech sensors to open and close. Hence, you can opt for a smart lock that falls in line with your requirements for a better experience.