4 Top Features of Yale Assure Lock sl Review 2021

4 Top Features of Yale Assure Lock sl Review 2021

Operating principle of Smart Locks

 Yale Assure Lock sl Review

How the smart lock device works? It depends on a lot of factors. The biggest factor is reading yale assure lock sl review. differs depending on the type of power supply and the mechanism inside. Electricity is most often not supplied and is triggered only when a signal to open is received. In some cases, power is always present, and when interacting with the opening element, it is briefly turned off.

Features and purpose of yale assure lock sl review

Despite the fact that smart door locks are not available everywhere, they offer users unique opportunities due to their features. For example, smart locks have different control and opening options.

 They easily fit into different conditions, situations and correspond to the specific preferences of users. There are models that you, in principle, can open without a key, while others, on the contrary, offer users several options. Furthermore, there are designs that use a fairly active digital touch screen. Of course, yale assure lock sl review market value is higher than the cost of simple locks and less advanced electronic locks.

Modern yale assure lock sl

Modern manufacturers offer devices with many functions - automatic opening, voice authorization, fingerprint reading. There are models that do not require a shared network connection. Which one to choose - the decision is only yours. Therefore, we offer an overview of the best smart locks that have many useful functions and high-quality assembly.

Comparative table of characteristics

The table below shows the features of the models under consideration. Correlate the characteristics with each other and make the right choice in favor of a lock that meets your wishes and needs.

Features of yale assure lock sl review

In the family of gadgets under consideration, there are many yale assure lock sl review models that differ in design, functionality and approach to security. They differ in:

  • Generally, the number of access options (NFC card, fingerprint, through the application from a smartphone, by temporary / permanent PIN codes, and so on);
  • the presence / absence of a physical key and a well for opening in emergency cases;
  • Moreover, the presence of a digital mechanical or touch keyboard;
  • the possibility of integration into the "smart home";
  • Moreover, type of wireless connection;
  • the degree of burglary resistance;
  • Similarly, support of differentiation of access rights;
  • the maximum possible number of accounts in memory;
  • the presence of sensors and sending notifications;
  • In addition, type of power supplies (AA or AAA batteries / rechargeable batteries).

yale assure lock sl review

  • integration into the "smart home"
  • rich functionality and high quality of the lock mechanism;
  • a relatively low cost for this class of home appliances - only about 18 thousand rubles, which is much cheaper compared to prices usual for smart locks of this class from 20 thousand and more.

Yale assure lock sl review uses a minimalist design that fits perfectly into the overall concept of smart gadgets. And the front panel is made of IML acrylic glass, which, according to the manufacturer, is explosion-proof.


The layout of the gadget is standard: in the upper part there is a digital touch keyboard and an NFC sensor designation, and a biometric scanner is located in the handle. It is elliptical in shape and can handle more data.


The main feature of the lock is unlocking on the owner's finger, for which the above-mentioned scanner is used. It uses anti-counterfeiting technology: if you attach a fake rubber fingerprint, the door will not open. At the same time, the yale assure lock sl review confidently recognizes moderately dirty and wet "fingers".

Other technology innovations:

The yale security chip is responsible for this function, which encrypts the traffic of the Bluetooth channel. Unlocking is not automatic: to open the door, you need to get your mobile and launch the Home program, through which the lock opens. Of course, this is only possible within the range of the device's BT transmitter;

Emergency opening with a physical key

The system comes with a key detector and detects attempts to insert objects into the borehole. If several unsuccessful hacking attempts are recorded, the lock will send an alert to the owner's smartphone. Similarly, the same will happen if the front panel is twitching and shaking.

Advantages and benefits of yale assure lock sl

Like all advances in technology, there are a number of advantages to rethinking the replacement of ordinary and conventional locks with smart and electronic ones. Among them we can find:

  • Smart locks can be programmed. Either by means of a series of digits in the case of the keyboard or mobile. It is possible to control access to a home or an office.
  • Management of opening hours. In the case of offices for example, it is possible to program opening and entry hours. This makes sense, since it is possible to keep the night entrance closed to any user.
  • Long-lasting autonomy. One of the doubts that may arise when installing or not installing a lock of this type is the problem of the duration of batteries and charges. In general, electronic locks have a long-lasting autonomy, in such a way that they do not need a monthly or quarterly change.
  • There is no possibility of picking the lock. Since there are no bulbs or holes to force, the use of techniques such as bumping, which some thieves use to open armored doors.

 Yale Assure Lock sl Review 2021

Yale Assure lock sl review Provides Greater security

The entrance to our property is exclusive for authorized persons according to our previous configuration of the system. We will no longer have to worry about losing the keys, nor will we worry about the distance at which we are. We can travel without problems, while we monitor any eventuality from the comfort of our mobile. This is the best thing about yale assure lock sl review.

Fast and reliable access

Our home can welcome us only by detecting our mobile device or bluetooth. The access system can be as complex and robust as we decide, from touch screens with fingerprint detector and biometric detector, to combinations of codes, voice assistants or a combination of all the elements. We will be able to provide temporary remote access and monitor the entrances and exits of the place.