Why a digital lock is better than traditional door lock?

Why a digital lock is better than traditional door lock?

What is a digital door lock?

 Digital door lock

A digital door lock is used instead of a traditional door lock. This is key-less and has many advanced features such as a remote locking and unlocking facility. Moreover, these locks are the best in offices, houses, automobiles, etc.


Is digital door lock safe as compared to manual door lock?

Yes, it is safer than manual door locks. Manual door locks need keys to open them but in the case of digital locks, you don’t need any key. Instead, to open these locks you just need code, remote, fingerprint, cell phone, etc. it depends on the lock’s category. So, there is no chance to lose keys.

How digital door locks work?

The working of these locks varies from lock to lock. Every type has its system of working. Some locks required an electronic card reader, or fingerprints and code. Others required a remote to work these locks. These work on electronic input.

What is the difference between a Traditional and digital door lock?

Traditional door locks different from digital locks in various ways. Firstly, traditional locks need physical keys to lock or unlock them. On the other side, digital locks need no physical keys instead they require digital input.

Secondly, digital locks are more secure as compare to traditional door locks. Due to the loss of traditional lock’s key, it will require the loss of lock. But in the case of the digital lock, if the code is got by the wrong person you may change your code easily.

Benefits of Digital Door Locks

There are many advantages of these door locks. Some of them are here for you.

Convenience: It is easy for the users to deal with digital door locks as compared to the manual door lock. Many users can lock and unlock the lock by putting the code on the lock. In case of new adding another member, you will give him the same code to use.

 Security: It’s much secure because you have no chance to lose your keys. Furthermore, you can limit anyone to a specific part of the building. Moreover, a digital door lock gives you the full detail of entry and exit in your absence.

Longer lasting:

                These locks are more long-lasting as compared to traditional locks. There are fewer chances of getting a fault in them. They keep on working for so many years.

Tailor-made security      

           In the case of a digital door lock based on code to run, you have the option to change your code. You may change your code whenever you think it’s better to put new code. Moreover, this gives you much contentment because you change the password to secure your place.

 One key

           There is no chance to lose keys. When you have other members to use the same lock then you need a digital lock. In the case of the digital lock, you don’t need to worry about replacing the keys for other members. Just give them access through a password.



Digital door lock has more durability than conventional door locks. If you have a digital lock you don’t need to repair it while misplacing keys again and again because these have no physical keys to lose. That’s why these locks remain lost longer.


What are the different types of digital door locks?

There are numerous types of digital locks. Some of them are here for you.

Magnetic Locks

An armature plate and electromagnet are there in this type of lock. However, electric current passes through the electromagnet. Due to this electric current plate attracts magnetically and the door will lock.

Electric Door Strikes

 Digital door lock 2021

For the traditional strike faceplate, electric door strikes are the better option. These are good to secure the latch bar door. The effectiveness of these door locks is very reliable. These locks are multifunctional and have various options.

 Electric Bolt Locks

These locks are the best choice where a high level of security is needed. Moreover, these are specially used for interior cabinets and doors. They have high compatibility with an electric system. Furthermore, these are easy to install. Deadbolt lock and electric bolt locks are quite similar.

Two in one

Some digital locks give the facility to lock and unlock them either way. It means that these give the choice to users to use them with a key or without a key. They have both options for customer’s convenience.

Electronic Keypad Locks

These locks have a code or password to lock and unlock them. They have no physical keys to run. Just numerical codes are required. These locks give more security than other locks. But these locks are expensive than some other kinds.

Bluetooth Electronic Locks

Bluetooth electronic door locks are very convenient to use. These locks use Bluetooth to lock and unlock. People having these locks need a gadget or smartphone. These are the best option for automobiles.

Biometric Door Lock

This lock is for those places where high security is required. These locks are locked and unlocked using a fingerprint. Moreover, this lock is highly appreciated for intensive security in important offices. Just one person can unlock these locks.

Mechanical Digital Door Lock

Mechanical digital door locks do not need electricity or a battery. These locks work through tumblers as the standard keys. It faults that it has a limited number of codes as well as some digits in a key code.

Will these locks stop working when the power goes out?

  No, these locks keep on working because they work on batteries. However, you must choose a lock that has multiple options to lock and unlock. Furthermore, the best lock is that which has both digital and analog functions.

Can digital door locks be hacked?

If you are searching for the answer to this question then keep in mind that its answer is yes. Nowadays, there is a variety of digital door locks in the market having different functions. However, hackers are also there who can hack your digital door lock.