Detailed Kwikset Kevo Review 2021

Detailed Kwikset Kevo Review 2021


A Detailed Review on Kwikset Kevo Auto Lock

Are you thinking of buying the Kwikset Kevo auto lock but not sure whether to go with it or not? Well, you don’t need to worry anymore! We have prepared a detailed Kwikset Kevo review for you in this guide. It will help you decide whether you should buy the lock or go with some other alternative such as Geek Smart Door Lock. So, let’s get started right away!

Kwikset Kevo review

What is a Kwikset Kevo Lock?

Before we start our Kwikset Kevo review, you first need to be familiar with a Kwikset Kevo lock. What it is and how does it work? This smart lock allows you to access your home or office without using the classic keys. It is possible to manage the accesses with an app installed on your smartphone, a PIN, or by fingerprint recognition. The beauty is that no major modifications to the ports are required. The more features a model has, the higher its cost will be. Touch screens, fingerprint scanners, and similar technologies will raise the price a bit. You must also think that after purchasing the lock (the online sales platform offers you a complete offer) it will be essential to contact a qualified technician for assembly. So, in the spending budget, you have to take into account our Kwikset Kevo review.

Some Top Features of Kwikset Kevo Auto-Lock

The Kwikset Kevo lock offers you all the extra security through an intelligent module capable of handling the lock of the door, but without having to replace it. That’s why it is one of the top choices of the users.

Let’s take a look at some of the main features of the Kwikset Kevo below:

1.      Recognizes Finger Prints Effectively

Kwikset Kevo is a biometric door lock with a fingerprint reader that you can access without keys. Use only your fingerprint or RFID access card. Up to 100 fingerprints are easy to enter. The user is identified in less than 0.5 seconds and works well for children and the elderly. Thus, it is ideal for the home, office, hotels, gyms, or any other project that requires the installation of an electronic lock.

2.      WIFI Connection

The company decided to modify its original model to make it smaller and easier to use. Moreover, it has a built-in WIFI connection as well. Even though it has a built-in WIFI system, the Kwikset Kevo auto-lock is 45% smaller than the original. It means it takes less space on your door. With built-in Wi-Fi, you don't have to worry about having to install the Connect Bridge program as well.

3.      Ultra Smart Lock

The Kwikset Kevo review proves that the lock allows maximum flexibility of use because you are free to use your fingerprint, code, or Smartphone through the app to unlock the door. You have full control over the access of guests and service personnel, to which you can simply leave a code when you are not there. It can store 95 fingerprints, 95 codes and has 3 spare mechanical keys. Moreover, it is perfectly waterproof so you can also use it outdoors; it is also dustproof and durable. This is the reason that the lock is so popular among users these days.

4.      Easy Setup

One of the great things that we found out in our Kwikset Kevo review is that it is extremely easy to set up the lock. It easily fits inside your home, above your door lock. Therefore, it does not make any additional changes to your lock system, nor does it change the door hub. It will never damage your door; it does not require any hand tools.

5.      Easy Access to Visitors

Just like Geek Smart door lock, the Kwikset Kevo auto-lock is ideal for vacation rental companies that need to provide guests with access to properties. They are also perfect for cleaning and dog walking professionals who come and go to your home several times a week. Plus, if friends and family come by to see you throughout the week, all it takes is a phone call to unlock the front door from your office across town.

6.      More Security for Your Home

Security is a paramount item for any property. And the Kwikset Kevo auto-lock is an item that helps in the protection and convenience of home and family. With the technology that is produced it is possible to stop using the keys and use passwords or access cards. The digital lock has been gaining space in the market, configuring a more assertive option for those who want peace and security. Therefore, nowadays, it is an item of paramount importance in all types of homes.

7.      No Need for Keys

Another great advantage of the Kwikset Kevo auto-lock is the fact that it does not require the use of keys. It is quite common to leave the house and wonder if you left the door open or not. The digital lock works using passwords or through an approach card. Imagine going to the gym or the supermarket without worrying about where you left your keys? It is a lot of convenience and security.

8.      Non-Transferable Access

Each resident of the house can register a password. In addition, if there is an employee who is going to work at the home or office, it is possible to create a specific one and then, if he is no longer working at the location, it is possible to delete the password. So you can secure any place with the lock.

Kwikset Kevo review

Final Words

A Kwikset Kevo auto lock is undoubtedly extremely popular among users these days. But, if it does not fit your needs, you can consider some alternative locks such as Geek Smart Door lock as well. You will get the same functionality from them. In fact, some of the features of the Geek Smart Door Lock are even better than the Kwikset Kevo!