Bluetooth Kevo Smart Lock Review: What is good about the Lock?

Bluetooth Kevo Smart Lock Review: What is good about the Lock?

 Kevo Smart Lock Review Fancies Better Living with Smart Locks

 Kevo smart lock review indicates smart lock technology for home security and peace of mind with smart locks. These locks are key-free replacements for conventional door locks and work through a wireless connection such as Bluetooth to a smartphone.

People tend to worry if they get high-security locks on their doors will caution burglars to assume something specially secured. It may provoke curiosity among them to break in. However, the reality is inverse to this perception. Burglars will look for the easy opportunity to break-in. Today, keypad locks with Bluetooth, wireless, and even biometric features are getting popularity.

Besides other smart locks manufacturers, Kwikset continues to churn out locks to fortify the security of residential and commercial buildings. Embracing IoT technology, Kevo locks are durable, reliable, and stylish for smart homes. The Kevo calibration figures out if the user is inside the premises. In that case, anyone touching the lock can’t just move in because the user happens to be on the other side of the door. 

Easy Monitoring with Kevo Smart Locks

 The access logging feature of the Kevo smart lock enables the user to monitor who comes in and goes outside the premises via the Kevo app. eKeys assigned to different visitors make it easy for the owner to permit or disallow entries of visitors. 

Cool Design

 Kevo looks pretty much like any lock. But its smart design looks cool when it is in use. When the owner touches the lock, a blue ring appears while the lock scans the owner’s fob or phone. On detection, the ring turns green, allowing the visitor to enter the premises. In case the lock does not detect a phone or fob, the ring turns purple. 

Key to Success with Kevo Smart Lock

The key to the success of Kevo’s smart locks is their keyless and wireless competency with Bluetooth or WiFi connection. The app-enabled locks can remotely secure buildings by instantly locking and unlocking doors with a tap from the smartphone. Anyone failing to lock the door on his way out can use the remote access feature. The app tells the status and helps to keep the premises safe from anywhere using Bluetooth with the smartphone. 

Kevo Bluetooth Fob-enabled Locks

 Kevo’s Bluetooth fob-enabled locks are by far the best for granular access control. Fobs are in the shape of an ID card or a key fob. They have a built-in radio frequency identification (RFID) tag usually found in an access control system for a large business.

When the lock pad detects the RFID tag, it sends the information to a backend server. The server checks whether to allow the fob to unlock a specific door. Smart technology makes it impossible to copy the digital fobs without the owner’s permission. 

Kevo Smart Lock Review Featuring Smart Security

 SmartKey Security™ 

People might need a re-key in varying situations. Kevo’s SmartKey Security™ feature allows them to instantly re-key their locks themselves. This feature prevents break-ins and keeps the premises safe.

Aura Deadbolt

Kevo houses a range of premium quality deadbolts that are durable and made with sheer precision and accuracy. The Aura Deadbolt combines conventional locking features with advanced smart technology. The unit equips with smart locking and programming features that suit anyone wishing convenience and comfort. Auro deadbolt is accessible on Kwikset mobile app as well as Bluetooth connectivity.

Some versions of Aura deadbolt include Venetian bronze, Satin Nickel, and Iron Black. 

The Convenience of User Codes with Kevo Smart Lock

 The comfort of keyless entry with several user codes greatly increases the safety aspects within the Bluetooth range. A user code unlocks the door to offer security on the outside and convenience on the inside. A keyless entry makes coming home feel more personal. 

 A Brief Insight into Touch-to-Open Smart Lock with Kevo Smart Lock Review

 Kevo’s smart lock is as distinctive as a fingerprint. Kevo’s ouch-to-Open smart lock brings all the convenience of tap-to-enter with Bluetooth functionality. The lock connects the smartphone with Bluetooth to open the door. A compelling feature of this smart lock lets it wait for the user to touch it to unlock the door. For instance, when the lock detects the device outside the door, it waits for the user to tap the metal exterior. A fancy blue light flashes when the door unlocks. The lock also integrates Ring and Amazon Alexa, Honeywell Thermostats, and Skybell. 

Kevo eKeys

 Smart door locks usually have guest access codes the homeowners might want to lend to someone for temporary access. Since Kevo doesn’t use a keypad, the temporary entrance with this lock isn’t that easy. Instead of codes, Kevo uses a feature called eKeys.

The homeowner can transmit digital eKeys to temporary or scheduled visitors during set timeframes. Some people need access anytime. The Kevo app resolves all such issues. By downloading it, they the Kevo app and gives access through digital eKeys. 

Kwikset Halo Touch Fingerprint Smart Lock

Several smart locks available in the market can remotely lock and unlock the door using a mobile app. But a few present fingerprint recognition as an added choice. Geek Smart Fingerprint Door Lock scans users’ fingerprints when they grip the lock. No wires are needed. The door opens at a lightning speed of 0.25 seconds.

 Likewise, the Kevo smart lock is as unique as a fingerprint. The sleeky Kevo Kwikset Halo Touch lock supports Alexa and Google voice commands. Further, it integrates a fingerprint scanner. The user needs a unique fingerprint to lock and unlock the door. Halo Touch delivers all the convenience and security rights to the fingertips with advanced biometric technology.


Kevo smart lock review reflects an unparalleled degree of flexibility in Kevo’s functionality. It allows users to ease into the Internet of Things and enjoy the benefits of new technologies like eKeys and Bluetooth fobs. On a practical side, Kevo smart lock saves time and hassle using Bluetooth by speeding up entry.