5 Best Keyless Door Locks that Ensure 100% Safety

5 Best Keyless Door Locks that Ensure 100% Safety

How to select a keyless lock?

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The best keyless door lock is very important to select for you. You have a variety of door locks in the market out of which you have to select your required one. First of all, by choosing a door lock keep in mind all your requirements and budget then select a lock for you.

Choose your lock according to your capacity. Firstly, you must decide that either you want to use your keyless door lock through your phone, key screen, app or Bluetooth then select the best keyless lock for your door.

How to get rid of handling keys?        

If you want to get rid of handling keys you must choose the best keyless door lock. Take keys in a pocket or purse is not an easy thing. Moreover, keys remain disturbing throughout the day. Another problem is that sometimes keys remain inside the room.

Why keyless door locks must be used?

In the modern world, everyone wants to get more and more comfortable for himself. That’s why you must purchase a lock which has maximum advantages. Commonly, the best keyless door lock gives countless advantages to the user.

Some advantages are discussed here.

  • Due to the keyless lock, you will be tension-free to keep keys in your purse or bag.
  • If you have kids who are too young to handle keys then you need the best keyless door lock.
  • If you need many keys of the same lock for other users then the keyless lock is your need.
  • In the case of a keyless door lock, you have no tension to give or take back the keys of your lock.
  • You have a free hand to delete and add other users on your lock.

In case of deleting you don’t need to take back your key from the lock. And if you add some new user you do not need to give him the key.

Keyless locks give a very beautiful look to the doors. Keyless locks give you the facility to open the door without moving from your place.

These locks will enable you to know about the entry and exit in your absence. The keyless door locks locked automatically after a particular time. If have a habit to forget locking the then you must have a keyless auto door lock. When you transfer your house you don’t need to change all the locks or keys.

Allow you to enter your home swiftly

The best keyless door lock makes sure the safety of the small kid. Instead of keeping a key on the door frame or carrying your keys chain with you. You will be able to enter the room if you have the best keyless door lock swiftly while keeping your family safe.     

 Touch-screen door locks

These locks have a smooth, digital touch-screen keypad display. Enter the security pin on the touch-screen keypad and the lock will open.

Fingerprint keyless door locks

These rely on biometrics via a fingerprint scanner.

Digital deadbolt


The best keyless door lock is typically retrofitted to existing door hardware, upgrading home security with basic smart-locking functions that are accessible through an app on a smartphone or similar device. 

Bluetooth keyless door locks                  

These connect with a smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth. Which is usually accessible with a custom app?  Moreover, this allows the user to open or close the lock from anywhere inside the house within range of the Bluetooth signals.

Smart keyless door locks

These locks are similar to Bluetooth-enabled locks in that this type of best keyless door lock typically connects to an app accessible through a smartphone or tablet. However, these locks will use Wi-Fi, or Bluetooth to become part of the smart home system.         

Furthermore, this allows you to safely access your home without having to worry about carrying a bulky keychain or misplacing your keys. But there are also many other benefits to owning the best keyless door lock.


Wi-Fi-enabled door locks

These locks connect through a Wi-Fi signal to a hub or network. Smart home systems generally use a Wi-Fi connection to link all the devices in the residence. That's why they can be controlled through an app.

Voice activation

This type of best keyless door lock is accessible through integration with smart home systems. Also, by speaking through the door to the device and providing a custom code, the door lock will open or lock depending on the voice command.


This is the best keyless door lock which uses with geofencing. Moreover, this feature can also come with keyless door locks that lack geofencing. This works via a timer so that the door automatically locks after a specific period.

Mechanical vs. keyless door locks

The problem with mechanical locks is that they could be picked. People with ill intentions found a way to hack the mechanism of the lock. Using lock-picking tools, people could imitate the twists and turns of a real key to unlock a lock.

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Integrated door locks

The best keyless door lock could be easily connected to other smart devices. One such device that could be connected to a smart door lock is a motion sensor. With this setup, the smart lock will automatically unlock when the motion sensor senses you.

You could integrate various devices with your smart door lock. It is up to you how you personalize your smart home.  

Backup Keys

While the purpose of a keyless door lock is to avoid needing and keeping track of keys. A backup key feature can be beneficial. This typically consists of a hidden keyhole in the best keyless door lock. It can be accessed in case of an emergency or if the lock is not working properly.