3 Myths about bluetooth door lock: Intelligent Smart Home Lock

3 Myths about bluetooth door lock: Intelligent Smart Home Lock

Bluetooth door lock: what is it?

 Bluetooth door lock

Bluetooth door lock is not opened with a key like ordinary locks, but rather with an electrical signal. There are different options available with which you can send out such a signal. Doors that are equipped with an electronic locking cylinder open almost automatically.

Electronic door locks make it easier to manage access authorizations. Thanks to Smart Lock, you never have to pass on or leave keys again.

But don't worry: thanks to the emergency mode, most Smart Locks can also be opened without any problems during a power failure. Locks that cannot do this can then be unlocked with the key as usual.

What is the price of smart door lock?

The prices for these smart devices vary greatly - there are cheaper versions under € 100, up to high-priced door locks well over € 500. Important: don't look too much at the price. Here you save in the wrong place! After all, it's about security within your own four walls. 

Therefore, make sure to buy a high-quality door lock that meets the structural conditions and your personal needs.

Electronic door locks: what types are there?

The intelligent door locks work with different mechanisms. In principle, the following four types are available:

  • Code locks
  • RFID locks
  • APP control
  • Biometric unlock

Code locks

With intelligent door locks with code, in most cases there is a keypad next to the front door. The lock requires a PIN entry and the door will open. It is possible to assign a different PIN to each user.

RFID locks

With RFID bluetooth door lock, you open the door using a chip that is built into a transponder. The transponder is a card, key ring or, for example, a wristband.

You just have to hold the transponder to the lock and the door will open. A period of time can even be set during which the authorized person is able to enter the house.

App control

With app control, the Smart Lock is connected to a smartphone and the door can be opened via an app. Cell phone and lock connects either via Bluetooth or via WLAN. There are also variants with automatic door opening. Here the door opens automatically as soon as the owner is within a certain radius around the house.

Unlocking bluetooth door lock via smartphone works remotely on some models. For example, if you are at work and there is an appointment for a craftsman, you can simply let it into the house by unlocking the app.

Biometric unlock

You may already know biometric unlocking from your smartphone. In the case of Smart Locks, with this variant you open the door by scanning your fingerprint.


All authorized persons must register in advance with their fingerprint. The lock then checks the scan with the stored data and opens the door if it matches. In rare cases, this can also be done via face recognition.

The intelligent door lock: what do I need to know?

Before you get yourself an electronic door lock, there are a few important things to keep in mind. The following three aspects determine, among other things, which Smart Lock you ultimately choose and how you use it correctly.

  • Assembly
  • Batteries / rechargeable batteries
  • Safety factor

Assembly of bluetooth door lock

Electronic door locks are easy to install even afterwards. They are usually mounted on the inside of the door on the existing lock. The actual assembly then differs depending on the model.

On the one hand, there are variants in which the key remains stuck in the lock cylinder and are encased by the bluetooth door lock. On the other hand, there are electronic door locks in which the old cylinder is replaced by the electronic cylinder. Which option is right for you largely depends on your door and the lock you already have.

Batteries / rechargeable batteries

Smart Locks are operated either by batteries or by a rechargeable battery. The batteries are very long-lasting and can be exchanged quickly and easily. Of course, you should always have the right replacement batteries at home. 

Modern locks even warn the owner when the battery or rechargeable battery is running low. As a rule, you have to replace the batteries about once a year.

Safety factor of bluetooth door lock

Electronic door locks are a lot safer than ordinary locks. However, lost smartphones, interference in radio transmission, etc. can sometimes lead to security gaps.

But the intelligent door locks also come with an extra function: If a smartphone is lost, for example, the respective cell phone can be deactivated as a key with a few movements. Thereafter, access is no longer possible with this device.

Myth 1: A smart home is not safe

Know what is happening at home at all times.

One of the greatest advantages of a smart home is security. When else can you see what's going on at home while on vacation? Various systems can be used to make the house round

Monitor around the clock. In addition, you simply get a message on your smartphone should something change on the doors and windows and the alarm is triggered.

Bluetooth door lock 2021

Myth 2: Smart living is expensive

Even with a low budget, it is possible to enter the world of smart homes with bluetooth door lock - very easy and possible for almost everyone. Many products can be purchased individually as required and the whole thing can be conveniently controlled via an app. According to your own needs.


With a bluetooth door lock you will never stand in front of a locked door again. It helps you to better control the access authorizations to your own 4 walls and annoying key searches and depositing of keys are a thing of the past.

 Regardless of which variant you choose - do not try to save on the wrong side when purchasing. Instead, always make sure which lock is compatible with your door and meets your needs.