3 Best Keyless Entry Home Locks you Must Try This Year

3 Best Keyless Entry Home Locks you Must Try This Year

Everything you need to know about touch less locks

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Therefore, in this article we will learn how the three most used keyless locks on the market work. Therefore, they are: biometric, digital and electromagnetic locks.

Follow our article and choose the keyless lock of your property.

Advantages of keyless locks

Keyless locks bring an infinite number of advantages in addition to those we have already quoted at the beginning of the text.

Thus, we can highlight the excellent protection against break-ins; the automatic locking, who never forgot the unlocked door? Still, it is possible that a greater number of people have access to the property without having to make several copies of the key. As well as the durability and resistance that this type of lock provides.

Below we will learn about the types of keyless entry home available on the market.

Types of keyless locks

Biometric Locks

This type of lock works through the biometric reading of the fingerprint of the residents of the property.

Thus, this type of lock makes the entry of people more restricted and we can use not only in real estate.

However, on office doors, such as the director's and chiefs' office, or in places where privacy and security must be preserved.

However, it is important to note that this type of lock must have a complementary opening system for emergencies, for example.

Digital Locks

The digital locks work, basically, through a password. In this case, this password can be unique and passed on to the people who have access to the site.

However, this password is easy to steal by whoever enters with the person who has access, thus making it less restricted.


Thus, this type of lock is the least used, when compared to the other two that we are presenting.

Electromagnetic locks

Electromagnetic keyless entry home are widely used by hotels, for example. Therefore, they work through an electromagnetic card that is compatible with the lock.

Thus, there is no problem with the loss of the key by the guests, ensuring more control of the hotels in the access of people.

Keyless entry home Provides More Security

If you want to have more practicality and security in your day to day, digital locks are a great option. This solution eliminates the need for keys, so you will no longer have to worry about carrying them around, or running the risk of losing them and staying outside your home. Smart locks also offer security features that make intrusion difficult. 


And despite what it may seem, you don't have to invest a lot to have a digital lock on your home or office. In everywhere, this perception is changing little by little. People learn about the facilities of this technology and discover that there are quality options at affordable prices. Meanwhile, in countries like South Korea, for example, about 80% of households already have a digital lock installed.

Want to know everything about digital locks? Then follow the text!

 What is a digital lock: The Definition

The digital lock is an electronic device developed to replace conventional locks. The difference is in its technology. It makes use of electronic devices to release access, and not necessarily a physical key.

It has probably happened that you left the house, lost your keys somewhere and had to activate a key ring to open the door, right? In addition to the inconvenience, this situation generates unnecessary expenses. This does not happen with digital keyless entry home, as the doors are released through passwords, key chains, biometrics or even an application. 

Advantages of digital locks

Increasingly widespread in the world, digital locks are advantageous due to their aesthetics, practicality and security. Understand!

Modern aesthetics

All models have modern aesthetics and a discreet design. At first, this may not seem like a big advantage, but, in fact, having this type of device contributes to making your home smart and adding value to the property. 

Greater practicality

With the digital lock, you no longer have to walk around with keys. And you still have greater control over who accesses your home or office. Some models allow you to generate temporary passwords for visitors, for example.

If you are coming home with your hands full of purchases, just enter your numeric password, place a tag or touch your finger on the biometric reader to open the door.

Keyless entry home Brings Touch less Entry

Digital keyless entry home are also useful for those who like to go out to exercise without worrying about losing the key. 

And there is no reason to worry about staying outside in the event of a power outage. This type of smart device is powered by batteries. There are models on the market that alert you in advance when the battery needs to be replaced. 

Even so, if you do not make the switch in time, it is enough to put a common battery in the digital lock, to enter your password and enter the house. 

More security

Conventional keys are easy to circumvent, even michas or masters. With digital locks, that doesn't happen. Even in models that have the option of a physical key for contingency, as the locks are very resistant. 

With the electronic access devices available, you no longer need to leave your key hidden for someone else to enter the home, nor lend it to someone to copy it and risk losing it. As we mentioned before, you can generate a temporary password for visits, different from yours.

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The equipment also offers features for password protection, automatic door closing, and burglar alarm and user management.

Is the digital lock really safe?

When we say that the latches are resistant, they really are. The locks can withstand impacts of up to 300 kg - which is equivalent to a couple of fit lions! 

There is also an integrated fire sensor in keyless entry home. If the temperature of 65ºC is registered in the internal environment, all doors are automatically unlocked to facilitate the exit of people.

Another important item is the internal security lock. Upon activating it, the internal door handle is “stupid” to prevent opening by children or animals.