2021 Most Practical August wifi Smart lock Review for Beginners

2021 Most Practical August wifi Smart lock Review for Beginners

August wifi Smart lock
An important characteristic of the front door is the locks that come on it. The safety of residents, the safety of property and comfort during daily use depend on this. Locking mechanisms largely affect the degree of burglary resistance of the door. In this article we are going to write a comprehensive august wifi smart lock review.

Inside the august wifi smart lock review Article

  1. Design features of locks for a metal door, their advantages and disadvantages
  2. The principle of choosing locks
  3. Types of locks (rating by popularity), depending on the place of installation of a metal door
  4. Types of locks for installation
  5. Resistance of locks to burglary
  6. Recommendations for choosing a lock for different types of metal doors

1. Design features of locks for a metal door, their advantages and disadvantages

The august wifi smart lock review market impresses with a huge variety of designs and levels of protection. Furthermore, we can classify all into several groups according to the principle of the locking mechanism.

The most popular august wifi smart lock

They have a small key that is convenient to carry in your pocket and it is difficult to pick up a master key for them. The most secure locks are famous as with a key with double-sided perforations.

The bolt door lock for the front door is opened by turning the key, but by linear movement. For this, oblique slots are applied to the surface of the key. Such a key is large and inconvenient to carry, and the safety of the mechanism is low.

Electronic and combination locks do not require the usual keys. They are opened with a combination of letters or numbers, as well as with a magnetic device. Experts question their reliability, but they are convenient to use and they look impressive.

2. The principle of choosing august wifi smart lock

The main points to look for when choosing a door lock for your entrance doors.


  • Determine the required level of security for the mechanism.
  • Find out the functionality: the way of closing, the presence of a handle or latch.

Make sure that the selected structure fits onto the door leaf. To study the fit of the door to the frame so that the strip of the patch lock locates on, and whether it is possible to put a mortise lock.

It is safer to use different types of locking mechanisms: cylinder and lever. This approach significantly reduces the likelihood of hacking and allows you to hedge against the failure of one of them.

For reliability, it is better to put two locks.

You should not save on the quality of the lock so that later you will not have problems with opening.

We should pay attention to the august wifi smart lock review material and manufacturer. It should be high-strength steel, and the quality should be confirmed by compliance with standards and the availability of certificates.

3. Types of locks (rating by popularity), depending on the installation location of the metal door

Lever locks

The mechanism got its name from the flat plates of complex shape levers, of which it comes off. Each has an original slot in the center with a straight part and several branches. The reliability of the lock depends on the number of plates. Moreover, there can be from 2 to 12. To open the lock, you need a key with a long and thin stem and a branch at the end in the form of a butterfly. Similarly, it is good to use from the outside and inside.

Cylinder locks

Such locks for metal doors are most widespread. Furthermore, they are famous for ease of use, complexity and reliability of the mechanism. The design consists of a cylinder with spring-loaded pins located inside it. Furthermore, their number reaches 24 pieces.


Round grooves place on one or both sides for engagement with pins on the key. In addition, cylinder locks are one-sided, because they are opened with a key only from the outside, and a spinner is provided on the inside.

The advantage of the design is the possibility of replacing one cylinder in case of loss of keys. You will not have to spend time and money on installing a new lock, as in the case of a lever lock.

Recode locks

Generally, recoded door locks are of the lever type and cylinder type. If it is necessary to change the keys, they do not need to be changed. It is enough to recode the mechanism using the special L-key tool. Moreover, the lock code is completely different and a new one is set using an additional set of keys included with the locks

Why should you buy august wifi smart lock?

Basically, the movement combines mechanical and electronic parts, which is its distinctive august wifi smart lock review feature. With high functionality, manufacturability and reliability, "smart" locks are quite expensive.

Interaction with the lock takes place through a digital display that resembles an intercom. By entering a combination of numbers from 0 to 9, the mechanism is encoded and memorizes the cipher. Similarly, to open the door, you need to correctly enter the code on the buttons and also have a physical key.

 If the set of numbers is not correct, then the physical key will not help either. Moreover, it will be possible to open the lock with a key only after the battery is discharged.

Advanced models of smartlocks are equipped with a fingerprint or retina recognition system for the owners of the house. In addition, it is possible to provide access to the premises with a special magnetic card.August wifi Smart lock 2021


To fix the door leaf in the closed position and ensure a snug fit, steel door mortise locks are equipped with a latch. Their number affects the reliability of the august wifi smart lock review. Locking and locking mechanisms with a handle are equipped with a latch.

Furthermore, it simplifies the closing of the lock and makes the operation of the door comfortable. The best is the presence of 5 latches, evenly spaced in the upper and lower parts of the door, but there are models for 7 and 8 pieces.