2021 Latest August Smart Lock Review: Pros & Cons

2021 Latest August Smart Lock Review: Pros & Cons

August Smart Lock Review
Thanks to modern technology, home security is reaching a new level. A modern august smart lock review may not have a keyhole at all.

Installed on a solid door, with an anti-vandal case, it will significantly complicate the work of a burglar. Today, every owner of an apartment or private house can buy an electronic biometric door lock or one equipped with a card reader in retail.

Features of august smart lock review

The most common type of locking mechanism, actively promoted on the market as a smart home lock, operates with user identifiers using NFC technology.

The principle of using august smart lock review is as follows:

  • smart door lock is installed in place of the usual locking mechanism;
  • outside, instead of the usual keyhole, there is a contact pad for an NFC identifier reader;
  • the user installs an application on the smartphone, in which a unique key is registered;
  • The smart lock on the front door opens when a mobile phone is attached to it.

This scheme of august smart lock review is simple and convenient. The user does not need to carry a huge bunch of keys with him.

Additionally, the landlord can regulate access rights: the smart lock drive may not open the door if there is no entry permission for a specific identifier.

In addition, statistics of inputs and outputs are kept. Configuring and viewing reports can be done remotely via the web interface.

The august smart lock review system as a whole is reliable and functional

The lock comes by several batteries or accumulators. One charge lasts from six months to a year.

But there are also disadvantages in such locks. The main one is that the user must have a fairly expensive and modern phone. In addition, it is quite easy to hack the system, in one way or another by stealing the identification data or by brute-forcing the keys.

The fingerprint lock looks more convenient and functional. In it, the role of a unique identifier comes by the user's fingerprint data.

  • The system works according to an extremely simple principle:
  • In addition, smart locks for doors come in the regular place of the locking device
  • Similarly, fingerprints of people living in an apartment or having access to a certain room of people enter into the system
  • Moreover, to open the lock, the august smart lock reviewfingerprint becomes active, a check goes through and the door is unlocked.

How does august smart lock review work?

The system can regulate access rights, even set the time at which a particular user can open the door. The disadvantage that locks with a fingerprint have is the change in the reliability of the operation of the fingerprint scanner at different temperatures. In addition, gloves will have to be removed to open the door.

However, fingerprint reading technologies are constantly improving. Fingerprint smart electronic lock equipped with an ultrasonic fingerprint scanner - provides confident operation with correctness detection in 98% of cases.

Is it good to install august smart lock?

Despite the fact that smart locks are a fairly old technology, their distribution and popularization took place in the last few years.

The level of technological development today guarantees the functional stability of devices and the convenience of using the lock. In addition, the reliability indicators of august smart lock review have increased.

Basically, there are many smart lock models available in the mass retail market today. Users voted for the devices that were ranked as the best in 2020 by sales and positive reviews.

This leaderboard is a fairly informative guide showing which door lock will last for a long time, providing protection and convenience.

August smart lock review is optimal for home use, as it does not in any way change the standard way of opening the door.  If desired or in an emergency, you can unlock the door in a standard way.

The functional features of the device include:

  • small size
  • combination of functions of a smart lock and a video eye
  • work on Wi-Fi protocol
  • opening at the command of the owner of the device
  • light indication of the panel
  • The ability to open both with a smartphone with special application and using unique electronic keys.

The lock comes with a sound notification system. Moreover, it has a voice recorder function. The visitor is photographed and can leave a message to the owner. In addition, the system maintains detailed statistics, offers remote access and can block the door when intruders try to vandalize.


What is Smart Lock?

Smart locks are among the emerging technologies. Smart locks, which offer a different experience in home and office security, have many features.  Furthermore, there are many different features of smart locks, from fingerprint-enabled to digital assistant support.

What Can Smart Locks Do?

Smart locks have multiple entry systems.

August smart lock review is far beyond the capabilities of ordinary locks, as the name suggests. It supports remote use with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi support. While there is a connection problem with only bluetooth locks after a certain distance, this problem is eliminated with smart locks.

Multiple Keyless Entry Options

As we mentioned at the beginning of our article, smart locks have many different input options. It offers you the options to unlock closely / remotely with a smartphone, to log in with fingerprint recognition or to log in with a special code (number).

Permanent or Temporary Access Code

 August Smart Lock Review 2021

You can set a code so that people you give permission to enter your home, such as your guests outside your family, animal keepers, people coming for cleaning or repair services, can enter your home. This code can be temporary and permanent, and your smart lock can recognize arrivals.

Wi-Fi Connection

A feature found in smart locks is Wi-Fi connectivity. It allows you to monitor the inputs and outputs in real time. So you know who comes and goes where you put the lock. With this feature, parents who are not at home can see if their children are returning home safely from school.

Bluetooth Connection

You can connect your august smart lock review to your smartphone via bluetooth connection. Thus, when you approach the door with your smartphone, the lock can recognize you and open automatically. For example, when a person with full hands comes to his house thanks to his smart phone, his door can be opened automatically.