2021 Best eufy smart lock review: Pros & Cons

2021 Best eufy smart lock review: Pros & Cons

eufy smart lock review
The home security is undoubtedly one of the most important aspects. A security that extends too many aspects and one of them is to prevent theft and occupations. In this sense, security mechanisms have grown, and one of them, although still incipient is the digital lock. In this article we shall go through eufy smart lock review.

These locks come by the lack of keys. From this point the entry forms are varied:

  • Using code
  • With fingerprint
  • Electromagnetic cards (more common in the professional field than the domestic one)
  • Through mobile , using specific applications

How does the eufy smart lock work?

The basis of the eufy smart lock review is in the electromagnetic opening and closing system. For this they have a small motor. This activates according to the opening / closing method that we have indicated.

The digital lock only allows access when it receives the correct information from the opening system.

With this, better security is achieved in two ways:

Because the access system is much more complex than a key (for example, a fingerprint lock).

Because when it closes it mechanically locks with electromagnets.

We should note that the electronic lock is easy to install and allows remote control through, for example, a mobile phone. This smart lock makes opening and closing the door of our house a very safe task.

The eufy smart lock review and the electrical connection

We have already anticipated that the main advantage of eufy smart lock review is in security, but we must also take into account certain drawbacks, risks and differences.

The first is that it needs a power source: As it comes on a locking system with electromagnets, it needs electrical energy to function.

Digital lock

This creates a risk of blockage if this electrical connection is lost. For this reason, an electronic locking system usually combines with another physical one. We should ensure this:

  • That we can access house always
  • That the digital lock what truly contributes is a plus of security.

Another option, to ensure that the digital lock is always active is to have a battery system or UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply). This allows it to continue working if there are small power outages.

Types of digital lock

Currently, the two systems that are most common in the domestic sphere are those that allow access with:

  1. a fingerprint
  2. with a password (either through an own panel or through a mobile phone).

Eufy smart lock review combines traditional key and digital access.


The lock incorporates a panel that allows access from the fingerprint to the people for whom access has been configured.

It is a very safe way, which due to its cost somewhat higher than other systems. Similarly, it has become common more in the professional field.

An added advantage is that you limit access to a small number of people. Hence, it is very useful in the home.


This is easy to display in several ways:

  1. By typing the pin on a panel that is located on or next to the door.
  2. Through smart devices, such as mobile. Thus achieving an added layer of security.


It combines a conventional lock. It opens or closes with a key, to which a password or fingerprint system is incorporated.

 eufy smart lock review 2021

Advantages of the eufy smart lock

The main objective is to have a more secure system, something that comes from different advantages:

Locking mechanism: In the event of an attempted access by an unauthorized person. If someone try to opens it by force, it will shut itself.

There is no risk of loss of keys: Also saving duplication costs.

People who access are limited: Especially useful if the fingerprint is common.

Personalization and control: Either giving different keys or on many occasions with small programs that provide input and output information.

Versatile: we can install it on all types of doors

With all this, we find eufy smart lock review that, although it is more expensive than a normal lock, offers a series of advantages and, especially, greater security for your home.

In the past there is a lot of discussion on security locks. But latest reviews on smart locks have enables people to install this device in homes.


They may still be a rare sight in many countries. But in the United States smart locks have seen significant growth in recent years. They are not only common in home access doors, but also in smaller locks common to protect. For example, bicycles or safes where money, jewelry and documents usually store, but also weapons.

These locks come to synchronize with a device.  it is usually a smartphone and there are several models. Some also require biometric authentication such as a fingerprint. But the most normal thing is that they place on the inside of the door so that, from the outside, a conventional key can continue to be common. The device is in charge of opening the door when an authorized user is nearby.

eufy smart lock review: A comprehensive overview

The manufacturers of eufy smart lock review ensure that their locks are much more secure and customizable since they allow you to change the access code from time to time and even grant temporary keys to certain users.

This prevents someone from making copies of our physical keys and having access to our home, or at least that's what we thought ...


It is already known that when someone claims that their device is safe. It always attracts the attention of hackers and that has been exactly what has happened. In several of the talks that we were able to attend. And in which the security of these locks we discussed, we could see how the reality was very different.


Not only do they not provide additional security to what currently exists with current locks, they also introduce new vulnerabilities that thieves can exploit to gain access to other people's homes. Researchers have analyzed locks from various manufacturers, so these failures are not limited to a single model.