13 Top Features of Wi-Fi door lock System

13 Top Features of Wi-Fi door lock System

Wi-Fi door lock System
Ezibee wifi door lock is designed according to NB-IoT technology, allowing the device to securely connect to a mobile phone easily even if the lock does not need an Internet connection.

 At first glance, it seems simple, not too prominent compared to other smart locks. However, with Ezibee, the most special thing is that with "stealth technology", your smartphone will become the key to enter the house. 

Not only that, the wifi door locks can grants access according to permissions and monitor guests entering the house in real-time via the APP on the phone while the lock does not need to be connected to the internet.

Wi-Fi door lock  AN1 (AppotaLock)

What is the outstanding technology of smart locks?

  • Capacitive touch keyboard
  • Capacitive fingerprint sensor
  • Emergency reserve key
  • Bluetooth 5.0. Technology
  • Anti-theft Physical Sensor
  • Lithium rechargeable battery
  • Features of AN1:
  • Manage via app
  • Historical records
  • Generate and send keycodes remotely
  • Remote key sharing
  • Real-time management
  • August Smart Lock

Design of wifi door lock

The device has a fancy design that allows you to lock and open the door, track everyone who comes to your home right from your smartphone screen. In addition, the wifi door lock also has the function of automatically opening the door when you approach, so you can enter the house easily while carrying a lot of items from the supermarket.

Kwikset Kevo wifi door lock

Kevo's one-latch door lock, at first glance, seems simple, not too prominent compared to other smart door locks. However, the most special thing is that with "stealth technology", your smartphone will become the key to enter the house.

The wifi door lock has the excellent anti-theft ability, when there is an unauthorized break-in, in addition to the siren; it also adds an SMS alert to the homeowner. More specifically, the lock can detect when a loved one is forced to open the door by a stranger, with a special feature

The lock is easy to detect and sent a message to the phone for timely handling. This is the only wifi door lock series that has this feature and also has a large LCD screen for you to easily manage the lock.

Samsung Ezon wifi door lock

With this door lock, you just need to enter the password or scan the magnetic card into the control panel to be able to enter the house without having to spend time looking for the key anymore. Besides, it also has an anti-theft alarm system plus a fire detection sensor.

Schlage Century Satin Chrome wifi door lock

This smart wifi door lock integrates many outstanding features such as a touch keyboard that does not leave fingerprints after use or it combines with an automatic system to control from locks, lights to internal temperature home through the Internet.

Lagute Sciener wifi door lock

With this device, the smartphone will become the key to the house. Combined with the compatible application available on Android and Apple models, you can control the door lock remotely.

Hope everyone can find a smart electric wifi door lock model suitable for the family!

How to install an intelligent lock system?

 Wi-Fi door lock System 2021

Fingerprint lock is increasingly popular because of the great advantages it brings. You are looking to install a fingerprint lock but do not know if your door is suitable for installation, follow the following article for the answer!

How to determine the door puzzle size

All kinds of wooden doors, glass doors, iron doors, plastic doors ... to install fingerprint door locks, they must meet the following standard sizes:

How to determine the door puzzle size to installing a wifi door lock?

  1. The thickness of the door puzzle

When installing a fingerprint wifi door lock, the middle part of the door will have to punch to fit the latch of the lock. Normally, all types of electronic locks are easy to install indoors with a minimum thickness of 35mm - 40mm.

  1. Width of the door puzzle

The width of the main door is an important size to be able to install the lock body. Currently, the standard size of the door puzzle to install a fingerprint lock is 95mm - 100mm. However, we should note, when measuring the door puzzle size, subtract the only part of the door puzzle.

Impact of using fingerprint wifi door lock : 

Fingerprint wifi door locks can provide security protection by modern biometric technology for homes, offices, and businesses. Fingerprint door lock identifies individuals based on behavioral characteristics and unique personal data that is each person's fingerprint code. 

Nowadays, the use of smart door locks in general and fingerprint locks, in particular, has become more popular. Any home, any business owner can install a fingerprint door lock and this is a wise choice for rooms that need protection.

Advantages of using fingerprint wifi door lock

1- In terms of biometrics, no two individuals (including identical twins) have the same fingerprints, so choose fingerprint biometrics as a home security measure. Businesses will help upgrade the security system of these areas to a new level.

2 – Security and cleanliness

As mentioned in much previous news, the fingerprint sensor box on the fingerprint wifi door lock will store information about the fingerprint in mathematical form. When a finger is scanned, only a unique cryptographic mathematical description of that fingerprint is kept in the system. Therefore, it is impossible to intentionally fake someone else's fingerprint.

Regarding the level of safety with human health, the fingerprint door lock is manufactured from materials friendly to human health and does not contain harmful substances in the structure of the device. The fingerprint reader sensor box also ensures clean safety, no harm to the user's health.

As reachable when using the fingerprint door lock

Disadvantages of using fingerprint wifi door lock 

Although fingerprint wifi door lock comes with a lot of benefits and conveniences, this product still has a few disadvantages that arise during use.

– Firstly, this device only accepts clear and clean finger images; the system will refuse to scan the fingerprint code if they are unclear.

– Next is the current problem that many fingerprint door lock lines use low-quality scanners, unable to identify whether the finger is real or fake. Fraudsters can take advantage of stealing the owner's fingerprint code to deceive the identification system.

Where should I choose to buy a smart wifi door lock?

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